The Scariest Killers in Dead by Daylight

In the online multiplayer feature of Dead by Daylight, one player takes on the character of a ruthless Killer who targets the other players, making it a milestone survival horror game. The Killer is on a mission to sacrifice the other players to the so-called ‘Entity.’ As a Killer, you have various options, each with its unique set of stealth skills and menacing appearances in this highly rated game.

Characters such as the Nurse, Clown, and Ghostface pay homage to iconic slasher horror films such as Halloween and Scream and cult games like the Silent Hill series. Then there are unique Killers, like the Demogorgon from Stranger Things, who add to the dread and chaos of the asymmetrical multiplayer game. As much fun as it is to survive in Dead by Daylight, the asymmetrical online multiplayer is nearly always at its best when you play as one of the game’s numerous cold-blooded Killers. There’s nothing quite like stalking your prey and exploiting your abilities to make other players fear you.

From their basic set of powers to the specific advantages that only they possess, numerous things contribute to how efficient each of the 14 Dead by Daylight Killers is at eliminating survivors and preventing escape efforts. So, here you have it, the scariest killers in Dead by Daylight.

The Shape

This Killer, dubbed The Shape, is based on Michael Meyers, the cold-blooded stalker from the Halloween franchise. On the other hand, Meyers would rather follow the Survivors at his own speed than go all-out for a kill. Stalking not only helps him keep track of Survivors but also boosts his speed and abilities. The Shape’s silent and unsettling presence is enhanced by his expressionless Boogeyman mask, kitchen overalls, and a blood-stained kitchen knife, all of which are legendary pop-culture motifs.


Due to her ability to blink, Sally Smithson, a.k.a. The Nurse is a complex character to master. When misused, this ability can render the player unconscious, allowing any survivors being pursued to flee. You’ll realize the benefits if you’re ready to put in the effort to learn how to use it properly. She can shift large distances, allowing you to ambush players and score a crucial hit.

She also has three amazing bonuses that put the survivors at a significant disadvantage. First, Thanatophobia inflicts penalties to the player’s sabotage, repair, and healing talents for each injured or hooked player. In addition, the volume of the other players’ respiration is increased by Stridor. A Nurse’s Calling, on the other hand, allows you to observe players who are healing within a particular radius.

Ghost Face

Ghost Face, best known as the Killer in the Scream films, is a formidable adversary for Survivors to deal with. He’s the king of stalking. Survivors won’t be able to hear a horror radius or heartbeat while he’s in stalk mode, and as a result, they won’t suspect anything until they see him, which is usually too late. Then, as he hunts down the victim, he gets closer to exposing them by disclosing their aura for a short period.

The Hag

The Hag, Lisa Sherwood, can use many Phantasm Traps to her advantage, and one of her monstrous arms (also known as The Claw) can slash through all skin and bone. Despite her modest speed, she can unleash a barrage of attacks if a player approaches one of her traps. Her corpse decayed to rot and now oozes pus, ever since a storm exploded in her community and she was left alone to die. Furthermore, The Hag’s high-pitched gurgling screams terrify even more.


The Hillbilly, another top-tier Killer, can rapidly cover many territories with his chainsaw assault, which is perfect for pressuring survivors to keep moving and stay away from generators. The chainsaw also has various other advantages, such as breaking dropped pallets while sprinting and killing players with a single hit instantly. If you can master The Hillbilly’s toolset, you can make him one of the best Dead by Daylight Killers.

The Twins

If Charlotte and Victor weren’t so tough to manage, they’d be higher on the list. However, if beginners aren’t already familiar with how the game works, switching between Charlotte and Victor will be difficult, so choosing an easier-to-play Killer is generally ideal. Regardless, the secret to beating the Twins is to camp with Victor and utilize him as a signal to alert Charlotte to the whereabouts of the Survivors. Unfortunately, their Perks aren’t powerful enough to justify activating them before gaining access to other Killer Perks.


Deathslinger stalks his target with a linked harpoon in his hand. If any Survivors get in his way, the Deathslinger can crush them with his spear or use his Redeemer Power to draw them closer. Caleb Quinn is pure evil, and he invents weapons like Death to Bayshore, a gun-like spear, and a mask that can rip out the wearer’s eyes.

Wrap Up

We know you’ll have a killer time, whichever murderous character you choose. Who is your favorite killer?