Top 5 Hottest New Indie Fantasy RPG Games

Hades cross-save feature

What could be better than finding a badass indie game to play? The Indie RPG’s always come up with great ideas and stories for you so you can recharge your battery and have the best time of your life playing with it!

Sit back and hold your vim and vigor as you continue to unfold the top 5 hottest new indie fantasy RPG games that we have selected for you!


Hades is a type of hack-and-slay game and is the work of Supergiant Games Studio. There are different chambers in the game through which you have to run while picking up rewards to level up.It has evolved to a roguelike fantasy genre in which you have to defeat some rogues!

The Hades has a very creative boon system such that your player will select boons from different gods and goddesses while running. These boons randomize each run, meaning you will never get tired of running around while joining combats!

Realm Of The Tempest

It’s a very competitive and ever-expanding RPG that is developed by the Bramble Gates Studios. Realm of the Tempest – free fantasy adventure RPG allows you not only to explore the various dream worlds to a vast area, but also to race with your friends and fight against enemies.

Your character will go through several competitive endeavors and let’s not forget the absolutely amazing graphics of this RPG. The developer gave a huge thought to making this game and it truly shows the credibility.

Where the Heart Leads

This game was developed by Armature Studio with the focus of creating a narrative experience for its player. It is a narrative adventure fantasy RPG that takes you on a journey through time traveling, and you’ll need to make decisions or change the past ones.

If you’re into games that improve your decision making, or if you’re the kind of person who wants to test out and take risks on decisions, this game is just the one for you!

Weird West

More like an isometric action fantasy RPG, it was developed by the WolfEye Studios for a promising fun and adventure experience. There are five heroes in this game who have a connection or a link with each other. Whichever hero you choose, the fate will depend entirely on your actions.

This game does seem promising by the number of modes and techniques that you can try out while fighting against creatures that you’ll encounter throughout your adventure.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

This adventure fantasy RPG is soon going to be released on August 24, 2021 by Ember Lab developers. It’s all about a magical journey set out by the character Kena which you’ll control.

While playing, you’ll face tremendous struggles and will come across spirits and a weird curse. Your character can use special powers to befriend cute little creatures called The Rot for fighting against those spirits by their help. You’ll explore countless places and more!

Final Thoughts

Modern times require modern games! Indie RPG games are totally worth the time, so go ahead and pick one for yourself!