Top Gaming Peripherals For 2021: Word Of The Pros

The selection of top gaming peripherals has never been more plentiful. Their abundance can make it difficult for even the most experienced gamers to choose the right one. What headset is the best? Do you prefer to use a keyboard and mouse or a controller? Which monitor is best for playing competitive video games? 

We spoke with professional League of Legends, Overwatch, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players to help us sort through the choices. Some of this year’s most successful players weren’t available for comment, but we found just as impressive replacements. Here we go.

The Top Gaming Peripherals Depend On Personal Taste & Choice

It’s crucial to pick the right peripherals for you. This choice may mean that your preferences might be completely different from others. In eSports, one size doesn’t fit all. Although opinions on the best gear vary, using “practice” gear instead of official tournament gear is never a good choice.

Lynnie “artStar,” a two-time Intel Challenge champion and Counter-Strike Global Offensive player for Team Dignitas, stated, “It is important to replicate a tournament environment in your home setup so that you practice what you compete on.”

“Some of the things I look for when searching for a quality product are comfortability, my style of handling, material, and durability. I also love visually pleasing products. It is vital to incorporate tournament-grade top gaming peripherals in your practice if you are serious about practicing.”

Keyboards Of The Mechanical Variety

It is worth investing in a solid mechanical gaming keyboard instead of a standard “membrane,” which can be the perfect place to start when it comes down to gaming peripherals. 

Membrane keyboards don’t engineer their keys into separate moving parts. This mechanism often prevents them from having that tactile, responsive “typewriter” feel that mechanical keyboards have. Membrane keyboards are acceptable for daily typing, but they can be less comfortable in high-stakes gaming situations.

“Noquez” states that all of his top gaming peripherals are “must-have” items for competitive gaming because they are highly reliable in tournament play. “My HyperX Alloy FPS keyboard is cool, which matters to me, but it also has silver switches that react quickly, allowing me to be more precise and faster than my competitors.”

Kailh silver switches, also known as “speed switches,” are a particular type of mechanical keyboard switch designed with gamers in mind. Khail MX Silver switches are comparable in that they actuate at 2mm. However, the Cherry MX Silver switches are shorter and actuate at 1.25mm. Consequently, keystrokes don’t have to travel as far.

Looking At The Competition

Cody Sun is an ADC player for Clutch Gaming’s Academy team. He says he was inspired to try mechanical keyboards after watching how League pros used them.

He says, “I use the [Corsair] K70.” “I was not a fan of mechanical keyboards until I saw other pros use them. It was amazing, and they all agreed.”

Sun prefers the Cherry MX Blue mechanical switch to Red, noting that Reds can be pressed more easily than Blues. Blue buttons feel more clicky and tactile. Alberto “neptuNo,” a member of Philadelphia Fusion’s Overwatch League team, thinks that the choice of a keyboard as an example of top gaming peripherals is more subjective.

He says that the only thing he looks for in keyboards is that they are small enough and don’t have keypads. These smaller keyboards, called “tenkeyless” because they don’t have a standard number pad, allow you more desk space. This feature is significant for those who need to move their mouse around or sit next to others in a tournament setting. 

Conversely, plenty of players go with the Logitech G-Pro. Overall, people typically overthink the keyboard choice, but it’s about being comfortable. Therefore, you should do what is most comfortable for you.

Headsets & Mice

The same principles apply to finding the right gaming headset or mouse as a reliable gaming keyboard. There is no one correct answer. However, a shift to gaming-focused peripherals can make all the difference in your gaming experience.

Many gaming mice cater to specific genres, such as MOBA, FPS, and MMO. However, pros revealed that choosing what feels the most natural and most comfortable for you is essential.

There are countless factors to remember when selecting the top gaming peripherals, including a mouse. The game type will affect how well your mouse performs. Considerations such as DPI (dots/inches), weight, switch, sensor types, skates, and cable material can impact how the mouse functions. Think about the surface on which you are using your mouse. Different materials can cause friction to be higher or lower depending on what material you choose.

Gonzalez from the Philadelphia Fusion team says that he uses the EC2-B gaming mouse. “It’s easy to use with my whole hand. This device also works if you’re right-handed, which is fantastic. It would be outstanding if it were wireless. However, I haven’t been able to find a wireless mouse that I like.”

Sounds Abound

While a good keyboard and mouse can optimize your inputs for maximum efficiency, audio feedback can be a valuable tool to gain a competitive advantage. Modern video games increasingly use contextual audio, such as footsteps and other location-based sounds. It is also vital to have reliable vocal communication. Pro players cannot compromise on an excellent audio solution.

Noquez (CS:GO) says she searched for a headset that would still allow her to hear every step of the game despite the noise from the crowd, production, and event music at large tournaments. When it comes to the top gaming peripherals, headsets are available in many different forms, just like other equipment. Consider features such as open or closed back, mic size, and wireless options. Comfort levels are also a crucial consideration. So that you benefit from the headset for long periods, you want it to allow your ears to breathe.

Final Thoughts

You can improve your performance by getting a new keyboard, mouse, or headset that suits your gaming style. Professional gamers have a particular affinity for specific peripherals. You can master the tools you like with practice and develop muscle memory to compete. We learned from all the eSports professionals we spoke with that their success was not due to a fancy keyboard but years of practice and hard work.

Your ability to maintain a smooth frame rate is a critical factor in your ability to use your peripherals fully. It is in your best interests to critically examine the top gaming peripherals you use if you want to be an eSports professional. Good luck!