Top Mobile Casino Apps & Games For Real Money

There are very few industries that have shown to be so cutting edge as the online casino branche and this is why most of the action now takes place on a mobile device. In New York there were even licences issues that were strictly meant for mobile betting which shows the importance of on the go play. The top mobile casinos and gaming apps give players uniquely tailored games for players who want to make wagers on their mobile phone or tablet. It’s now just as easy to spin the reel, roll the dice or play cards on when you’re out and about or simply away from your laptop.

Mobile gambling has become a crucial part of the online gambling experience and the good thing is that this has led to a great choice of complete portfolios that are fully-optimised for smartphone play. Making wagers in mobile optimised casinos for real money is now easy and maybe even more fun as you can play whenever and wherever you like. Whether it are Android casinos or iPhone options you’ll be looking for, the number of options is growing and will continue to do so as the mobile industry has already overtaken desktop play and will become even bigger. In this guide we’ll discuss everything you need to know about top casino apps.

Casino Apps vs. Online Casinos

This brings us to our first topic: that of how casino apps differ from mobile online casinos as there are some subtle differences that may be unclear to some people. Let’s not forget that not every smartphone game is a casino game, although a lot of online casino games are available for smartphones. There are a few things you need to know about casino apps and mobile online casinos as they have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Below you’ll find the main features of both:

Casino appsMobile casino sitesResponsive casino sites
Easier to navigate with a mobile appInstant play availableInstant play available
You’ll need to download and install external software on your device.No need to download external software on your device.No need to download external software on your device.
Visuals and speed should be better than a casino site.Adapted site meant for mobile usage, technically a different websiteThe same site as you would use on your desktop that has adapted to your mobile screen
Game portfolios may be adapted to mobile play meaning that often there are less titles available.Faster than an app or responsive websiteContinue where you left of on your desktop screen
Downloads and updates require time, data, and storage space.Visually less appealing than other optionsVisually nice and scroll through

Mobile phone casino games

The top mobile casino apps and games provide fully unique tailored games for users who want to make a wager on their mobile phone or tablet. You won’t have to worry anymore about not being able to play once you leave your laptop or pc screen as you’ll be able to play anywhere and anytime, provided that you’ve got a mobile internet connection. What you need to take into account as well is that not all games are just as suitable for a mobile device. Only in recent years, game developers have been able to display the full roulette table on a mobile screen without needing to turn the screen. Slot games on the other hand, have turned out to be a lot easier to integrate on a mobile device. Mobile gaming has nevertheless become an established part of the gaming experience with a growing choice of games that are fully optimised on mobile. Here’s a list of the most suitable mobile phone casino games.

  • Table games: European Roulette, American Roulette, Punto Banco.
  • Slots: slots with 3 reels.
  • Other: video poker Deuces Wild.

As you’ve seen under slots, the easier the grid, the better for mobile play. This doesn’t mean that other games that aren’t featured above can’t be played on a mobile device as most games nowadays are in fact available for on the go play. It’s just that the previously mentioned games are considered the best in its kind when it comes to mobile play.

Best mobile casinos

Online casinos clearly want to appeal to all their customers, which means they’ll need to turn to mobile as well as this is where most players are to be found. As most users will either use an Apple or Android device this is also where most websites will be optimised for. The best mobile casinos for real money actually deliver the same service as any top online casino on a desktop device, meaning that the main characteristics (many games, good bonuses, great customer service, user friendly platform) apply to mobile as well, but there are some features that are exclusively mobile related. These include:

  • Exclusive mobile bonuses: truth to be told is that there aren’t many online casinos that have promos that are exclusively meant for mobile usage, but they do exist! The best mobile casino bonuses are exclusively available to those users that play on an iOS, Android, or any other type of smartphone.
  • Fully optimised for mobile play: whether it’s via a responsive website or with a dedicated mobile app, a user should be able to enjoy the same experience on a mobile device as on a desktop screen. A good mobile experience doesn’t only limit the game assortment but also stretches to the overall usability of the website.
  • Responsive customer support: it should be as easy to contact customer support on a mobile device as on a smartphone. As many online casinos have live chat desks this shouldn’t be a problem on most websites. And hey, making a phone call with the customer support desk is typically a lot easier than with a laptop!
  • Enough game variety: this is clearly a no-brainer, but not all mobile casinos enjoy the same catalogues as their desktop counterparts. Enough game variety doesn’t only mean a high quantity of games, but also enough categories such as slots, table games, live dealer games, and other games such as video poker, bingo, or scratch cards. Even if there’s a bingo platform and a sportsbook, they should be available.

Where to Find Real Money Casino Apps

Finding a casino app isn’t very difficult, but sometimes requires a side turn, at least if you’re an Android user. Casino apps for smartphones are widely available as also featured on, but it won’t take users long to find out that Android’s Play Store doesn’t allow websites to offer gambling content in their webstore. iOS on the other hand, tends to be a lot more flexible in this aspect. Depending on your operating system, here’s more about where to find real money casino apps:

iOS Casino Apps

Apple’s app store is full of real money casino apps for the iPhone so it shouldn’t be a big challenge to find your favourite’s casino’s app if they have one. iPhones are also very easy in terms of downloads, so you’ll just have to follow the steps. An alternative solution would be to directly head to the casino’s site and download it from there.

Android Casino Apps

Android devices work a bit differently as the Google Play Store doesn’t offer any gambling related apps. There is another way to download them on your phone and that’s by heading to the operator’s website and installing it from there. Works just as easy. If you visit your favourite casino’s site on a mobile device it should already notify you about the app’s existence and ask you whether you want to install it on your phone.