Check this stunning Valorant Neon cosplay from Charess

Representation is one of the biggest factors when creating a character over at Riot Games. This time, the newest agent in their popular first-person shooter title, Valorant, is a duelist named Neon.

Originating from Manila, Philippines, Neon is the first Filipina character in Valorant, and her abilities as an agent are focused more on mobility and engaging enemies head-on.

Alongside Neon’s announcement is a stunning cosplay from Cebu City’s own Charess, also known as Charechii. Her team’s effort shows the passion and heart of this Neon cosplay project.

The excellent costume from Soibeau (The Seamtress), especially Ranchii’s wig style gave Charess’ Neon cosplay that accuracy. Plus, Shocross’ impressive props made it even cooler.

Every bit of detail — from the blue hair down to her outfit — accurately represents the character, and at the moment, she’s considered to be the official Neon cosplayer for Riot Games.

Currently, Charess’ Neon cosplay has garnered 118k likes on Valorant’s official Instagram page with a lot of fans getting amazed by the overall quality and how fast her team got to make the costume.

“I am humbled and very honored to officially cosplay VALORANT’s first Filipina agent, Neon,” Charess posted on Facebook. “During the meeting with Riot Games, I was informed I’ll be cosplaying an upcoming Filipina character and that left me stunned. I couldn’t speak!”

It’s Charess’ first time to ever get this opportunity from Riot Games all thanks to Rumble Royale, the biggest community of content creators in the Philippines.

As stated by her partner and also photographer, Andy Go, owner of Cebu Appliance Center, Riot Games was also impressed with her Viper cosplay. You can check the images below and see how incredible they are:

Aside from her Valorant cosplay, it’s also worth noting that she also has a staggering cosplay of Jinx, a character known in Riot Games’ League of Legends and the hit Netflix’s animation show Arcane. Here’s a sample of that phenomenal cosplay (and it’s also my favorite!):

Charess | Instagram

Charess also streams games on Facebook such as PUBG Mobile, League of Legends, and other games. You can follow Charess on her social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Valorant is a free-to-play first-person shooter on PC, and you can download the game right here.