Video Games Allowing Players to Date Multiple Characters at Once

If you’re a keen video gamer, have you also tried combining this passion with your love life? Perhaps you and your significant other like nothing better than getting involved in computer games, especially ones that allow you to date other characters. This sort of romantic interaction can do wonders for your emotional bond in the real world.

But how about polyamorous relationships? More and more people are being drawn into these partnerships because they represent such an exciting alternative to what many people perceive as the all-too-predictable world of monogamy.

Here we’re going to assess how polyamorous dating might be affected in the gaming community, as well as provide a list of those video games where poly relationships are part of the gameplay.

Polyamorous Dating in Gaming

With the arrival of the next generation of Millennials, Gen Z, gaming trends are changing. Young people are more open to new types of interaction, so the possibilities of gameplay are significantly expanding every year.

If you are relatively new to the prospect of poly dating, it might help if you were to understand more clearly exactly what this entails. With polyamorous dating, the people involved are much more likely to become emotionally attached to the others in the poly group. So when assessing how viable it would be to crossover between gaming and these relationships, we should look close more closely at what is involved in the levels of trust within polyamorous groups.

A good starting point might be to check out polyamorous chat rooms, a safe environment where people interested in this activity can feel free to interact with others sharing their tastes. If you have any questions about poly dating, this is the platform where these can be addressed. The bottom line is that communication lies centermost in all poly activity, as nobody would progress with any aspect of these multiple relationship situations unless they were 100% consenting. The same can be said of crossing over into computer games.

There has always been an interest in romantic interactions between characters in video games, but now it also includes an interest in dating multiple characters at once. This can be interesting for those who hold poly views of relationships in life, and for those who want to explore the unknown area. Such a gaming experience does not harm, and entertains the players, because the real feelings of people will not be hurt in the gaming process of cognition.

Before even picking up the console, you should examine the game involved carefully and decide if this would be right for you.

Video Games with Poly Relationship Gameplay

Anyone can check out online recommendations for top-selling games. But tracking down poly-themed ones is a little more difficult. Here are five for your consideration.

The Sims

This would be an excellent way of breaking into the poly relationship dynamic. The Sims has been around for some time, and its fundamental value for participants is that you can control moods as you are playing the games, ranging from feeling negative emotions to much more positivity. As the dynamics unfold, you will discover your character can only marry one other person, but you can move multiple adults into your simulated home – and even have children. The Sims 4 has introduced further romantic aspirations to the characters, meaning there is certainly a lot of potential for poly action.

Fallout 4

This action game is set in a haunting post-apocalyptic atmosphere where you can control players exploring their environment without being constrained by any plot. The characters you have at your disposal can get into relationships with many people at the same time, giving you ample opportunity to explore the dynamic of poly interaction.

Mass Effect Andromeda

This time the setting of the action is in deep space, where you are controlling third-person shooters. As well as taking out your enemies, you can also date as many other characters as you wish. Again, this is an excellent way to fine-tune relationships within the multiple-emotional dynamic.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

This time you play the part of a farmer who is setting up his very own farm. This isn’t strictly a gateway into polyamory, as this farmer can only take on a single wife. However, as the plot unfolds, you will discover you can get involved in multiple romances.

GTA Trilogy Missing Songs

Grand Theft Auto

The GTA series of games makes it possible to develop relationships with several characters at the same time and benefit from each one. Interestingly arranged, with a bit of humor and a bit of criminal romance – this is what players rightfully consider the poly dating option in games to be a classic in their genre.

Persona 5

This would be an excellent way of developing your polyamorous tendencies because a major component of the game is developing social relationships. You are certainly never tied down to monogamous behavior and can get involved with as many love interests as you wish.

Most people who get involved in video gaming can differentiate between the on-screen action and the real-life that will continue the moment the game has concluded. But if you think there would be any implications to your partnership by getting involved in a polyamorous gaming scenario, you must broach the subject with your partner or partners straight away. It is only by clearing the air at an early stage that you can set the scene for a fulfilling emotional experience.