VR Games: What You Need to Know

Virtual reality is a new trend in the gaming industry. The point is that classic AAA titles offer a first or third-person view. At the same time, your interaction with the outside world is minimal. But what if you want to immerse yourself in the story and be part of the storyline? Then you should try one of the VR sets.

What is VR?

VR or virtual reality is a modern technology that allows players to immerse themselves in the digital world deeply. As a rule, you will play in the first person. However, everything that happens around it seems real due to the observance of the proportions and viewing angle. The fact is that a special helmet with displays and headphones allows you to experience the so-called effect of presence.

The image is synchronized at the frame rate so that your eyes perceive everything that happens on the screen as reality. All races, gunfights, or interactions with objects will be as realistic as possible. Imagine you are a student, and you are writing your custom term paper on a spaceship. Is this possible in reality? Most likely, the answer is no. However, modern technology is quite capable of giving you such an experience.

Degrees of Freedom

Depending on the type of VR set, you can count on certain freedom of action. For example, your headset can track bends, gaze directions, squats, or even jumps. This means that you can easily interact with objects in the game, jump over obstacles and aim fire at enemies from behind cover. By the way, 6DoF technology can even track your current location in the room, especially if your VR device allows you to move relatively long distances.

VR Hardware

Now it’s worth talking about the hardware aspects. To play VR games, you need a headset, repeater, or special controllers. The fact is that the first two types of devices allow you to track only your location and fix tilts or turns of your head. Dedicated joysticks and triggers are designed to allow you to interact with the environment at game levels. For example, triggers allow you to shoot enemies, pick up items, and activate buttons.


Devices like the Oculus Rift, Valve Index, or HTC Vive have dedicated controllers that track the movement of fingers, arms, and even shoulders. Built-in cameras capture even minor changes in body position and allow you to control the game characters. If you have a PS4/PS5, you can use a classic gamepad with triggers and buttons instead of special gadgets. Of course, the level of comfort and immersion in the game can change, so you should test all options in advance.

Roomscale, Seated, and Standing

As a rule, gamers cannot fully move around the entire room without any restrictions. As a result, many developers create game levels where you sit or stand, turning in different directions. This gameplay is similar to a shooting gallery because you will need to shoot off crowds of approaching enemies.

Since such games are not designed for great physical activity, then all movements occur by pressing keys or selecting a certain area on the screen where you should move. But some advanced VR sets have special touch platforms and something like a brace for your torso. This means that you can run in one place, crouch, or even lie on your stomach, and your character will repeat every action for you.

Why Can’t VR Games Be Played Without Special Equipment?

The main problem is that virtual reality is a specific technology that only works if two screens are directly in front of your eyes. This is why special headsets allow for realistic sensations. Modern monitors or projectors cannot provide the same effect. In addition, without controllers, you will not be able to move in space and perform any actions. That is why you cannot do without special equipment.

How Much Does It Cost to Become a VR Gamer?

The cheapest HTC Vive set will set you back $500. If you want maximum realism of movements and interaction with the world, you have to buy the Valve Index, which costs about $1000. As you can see, being a VR gamer is quite expensive. However, special equipment is only one side of the coin. You also have to buy a good PC or PlayStation 4/5.

In the case of a personal computer, you will have to spend at least $1200-1500 for comfortable gameplay. Consoles cost about $450-500. However, a VR headset and controller can cost around $300-400. And don’t forget that you have to find and buy VR games that can cost $60-80. As you can see, modern technology is quite expensive.

Final Words

Now you know what VR is and how this technology affects gameplay. Do not forget that modern gadgets are quite bulky. Besides, you have to buy top computer components to achieve stable 60-120 fps. Such a frame rate is necessary for the sensation of the so-called presence effect. If you can buy all the necessary gadgets, nothing will prevent you from immersing yourself in virtual worlds and enjoying the gameplay.