What are Some of the Video Gaming World’s Most Unique and Powerful Weapons?

Playing video games allows us to transport ourselves to new realities. We defeat enemies, rescue allies, fight aliens, escape traps and save the world. The weapons that we’re given as we move through our quests provide us with powers that often defy our imaginations.

Most interactive action/adventure, real-time strategy, shooter, multiplayer online battle arena and even role-playing games feature weapons of one type or another. Some weapons simply turn the tide of the game while others are so unbelievably impressive that they change entire universe.

Finding the right weapon is like being awarded free casino chips to boost in your efforts to achieve optimal results.

What are some of the most impressive and unique weapons in video games?

Wabbajack (Skyrim)

If you’re playing “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” you’ll see that magic plays a large role in the game. There are five different schools of magic from which to choose and each has its own spells. How do you learn them all? How do you choose?

That’s where the Wabbajack comes in. The Wabbajack is a staff which Sheogorath Daedric Prince of Madness gives to the Dragonborn when “The Mind of Madness” quest has been completed.  The staff powerful, unfocused and highly unpredictable. It can cast a random spell every time it is used.

Sometimes those spells are useful – casting a fire, making a lightning strike, disintegrating an enemy — but sometimes  they aren’t such as when it turns a character into a mudcrab.

Gunblade (Final Fantasy 8)

Throughout the Final Fantasy series a wide range of unique and sometimes wacky weapons have been introduced – ball-weapons, giant stuffed puppet creatures, guns attached to human arms and more. The most powerful, and interesting, Final Fantasy game appeared in the

Final Fantasy’s latest game, Final Fantasy 8 features the Gunblade, a sword-gun combination which is used by Squall Leonhart in Final Fantasy 8.It can be used to fight enemies both short-range and long-range and has proven to be so successful that other Square Enix projects like Kingdom Hearts have incorporated it into their games as well.

Master Sword (Legend of Zelda)

If you think that Master Sword is just a sword, think again. Master Sword, also known as Master Sword of Resurrection, Blade of Evil’s Bane, Sword of Legend and Sword that Seals the Darkness is crucial to the game’s objective of keeping Hyrule safe and helping Link save the day.

Some (but not all) of the Sword’s appearances in Legend of Zelda include Wind Waker, when the sword’s blade is thrust into Fanondorf’s forehead to turn the King of Evil into stone, “Ocarina of Time” when the sword allows Link to travel through time and defeat Ganondorf and “Wind Waker” when thrusting the sword’s blade into Ganondorf’s forehead is enough to turn the King of Evil into stone.

The grande finale comes in “Skyward Sword” when Demise is defeated by the Master Sword and his evil is sealed away for good.

Operator (Valorant)

Valorant’s Operator weapon is a classic. “The Op” is a heavy-duty sniper rifle with multiple modes and perfect accuracy most of the time. The Op is the most expensive gun in the game (4500 credits). It has a scope with two zoom settings in Alternate Fire. Primary Fire requires a lot of skill on the player’s part.

Portal Gun (Portal)

The Portal, as it is known, is the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, Chell’s main weapon in the Portal game. The Portal Gun doesn’t do direct damage. Rather it allows Chell to traverse through the Enrichment Center and solve puzzles.

The gun creates portals on different surfaces and when Chell fires it, a release of energy forms a portal on the surface through which Chell can either enter (blue) or exit (orange). Chell can then make her way around different obstacles, manipulate gravity, move heavy objects  and continue on her mission to escape the Center.

Poke Ball (Pokémon)

Pokémon’s Poke Ball….pokes. It doesn’t cause pain, death or destruction. It can be used to contain anything from a slumbering, lumbering Snorlax to a flopping Magikarp as you try to capture the wild Pokemon.

Lancer (Gears of War)

Gears of War is remembered from its 2006 launch when it breathed fresh air into the third-person shooter genre. The Gears of War game is an action-adventure game that focuses on the earth as it attempts to stave off extinction at the hands of the Locust.

This horror-themed game features the Locust who arises from his underground dwelling to lay waste to the surface world. Hero Marcus Fenix and his Coalition soldiers use The Lancer to combat the Locust and his minions. The Lancer is a hybrid weapon that adds a chainsaw attachment to an assault gun so that users can attack enemies both close-up and far away.

Watching Marcus saw through a Locust is gruesome but its effectiveness has made it a legend among gaming fans.

Bayonetta’s Hair (Bayonetta)

The Bayonetta game centers around Cezera, also known as “Bayonetta”, an Umbra Witch who practices the Dark Arts to combat monsters who are assaulting the world. Umbra was hidden away for 500 years but once she is awakened she starts to summon demons with her hair.

The “Bayonetta” games can be a bit intimidating at first Together with other powerful Umbra Witches uses a method called “wicked weaves” to summon demons. Bayonetta’s hair can also be used as way to attack her enemies and summon weapon by conjuring up the Dark Forces.

Observant players will note that Bayonetta’s clothes are made from her hair.