What Are the Most-Played Online Casino Games in Norway

Gambling in Norway has always been popular. However, it seems that online casino sites that operate within the country made this activity even more popular. People can now easily create an account, deposit money, and enjoy a wide range of online casino games from the comfort of their room.

They can use different devices such as smartphones and tablets and enjoy typical and live casino games and interact with other players. The advantages of advanced technology have made online gambling more realistic which also impacted the popularity of this business field.

But do all the people have the same tastes? Do they love the same games? We are all different and it is normal that different casino games are suitable for our expectations and needs. Actually, this is a pretty important thing. People should carefully select the types of games before they start their gambling journey.

Just because your friend loves roulette, that doesn’t mean you will understand the way it functions easily. Anyway, the good news is that you can play your favorite games from the best online casinos in Norway after reading this source.

In this article, we would like to highlight the most popular ones according to our research. Knowing them will inspire you to try out some of them. But that doesn’t mean you MUST choose them. Remember the piece of advice we previously gave you. Let’s go!


Slots definitely are the most popular game among people in Norway. The first reason why people love them is their simplicity. You do not have to possess gambling experience and develop some complex strategies and tactics. You simply enter your account, pick the game, set up the bid, and enjoy.

However, not all slots are equally good. Apart from design, animations, and other stuff, you also need to pay attention to RTP. If RTP is high, that means that your chances of winning money are a bit higher. Finding that sort of slots is only possible at most professional gambling sites.


After slots, the second place goes to roulette. Roulette is a pretty interesting game and it comes in different variations. You will find the versions such as European, French, American, and others. In Norway, the most popular option people often decide on is European roulette. That’s not a surprising fact, isn’t it?

People like this roulette and slots for an almost identical reason. Roulette does not require any strategy development. People just need to pay attention to money management and self-control.

The rules are extremely simple. You can pick one or more numbers, bet on color (red or black) or try to guess whether the number where the ball will fall will be even or odd.


When beginners start to play online casino games, they often focus on luck-based ones like the previous two we mentioned. But things are a bit different with skilled and more experienced individuals.

They want to have a bit more control over the outcome of the online casino games they regularly play. Because of that, they would rather decide on strategy-based games like poker that offer them such opportunities.

This article would be a lot longer if we start to talk about each poker variant present in the Norge gambling market. But there is one that is extremely popular among players in the North of Europe. That variant is Texas Hold’em.

Texas Hold’em poker is one of those online casino games where you can directly influence the outcome of each round. Of course, luck has to be on your side. But, if you learn how to bluff or recognize when someone is bluffing, you will know when to raise, call, or fold. These skills do not come immediately.

It takes time until you figure out how the “system functions”. In case you decide on this casino game, we suggest you remain patient. Recognizing a bluff immediately is not possible!


Another table game that deserves to be on this list is blackjack. Yes, there are certain strategies you will have to apply when playing this game. However, they are not complex at all. The main goal that people have here is not to defeat their opponents. They are actually playing against a live dealer.

Thanks to advanced technology, people in Norway can enjoy this game in a more realistic environment. The best online casinos are now offering live blackjack where people can directly interact with the dealer and other players.

We suggest you get a good gaming chair and decent headphones. While playing blackjack in real-time, you will feel like you are in a brick-and-mortar casino. That’s probably one of the main reasons why blackjack is in fourth place on this list.


This is the third table game that gamblers from Norway love to play. Fortunately for them, the Norge casino online sites offer all three of them. The main goal that players have when playing baccarat is to guess which hand is the closest one to the value of nine.

It is a typical luck-based game, but it has a bit more action than slots. If you like this type of casino game, then we are sure you will love it.

Wheel of Fortune

The wheel of fortune is not just popular in Norway. People around the globe love it because it can bring them some amazing rewards. Anyway, the rules are extremely simple. On the smartphone or laptop screen, you will see a table full of symbols.

Your task is to place a bet on one of those symbols. If the symbol appears when the wheel stops, you won. If not, better luck next time.


Bingo is more popular than any other game for a longer time. People have been playing it once a week for many years. The only option they had was to wait for the tv show to start and see which numbers would appear on the screen. With online technology, bingo is now available more than ever before.

The best online casino sites will let you choose from different bingo variants. In some cases, you may need to guess 10 numbers, in other cases 15 of them. But, in every case, the goal is the same. If you choose the best gambling site, be sure the rewards can be quite decent.


All these games are extremely popular among people. Which one is the best? That’s not the answer we are going to provide you with. Try out all of them and find out the answer on your own.

Find the best online casinos that offer decent bonuses. That way, your research won’t be that costly.