What Computer Games Are Being Played at Record Levels Now

There’s no point in arguing that video games are among the most popular ways of entertainment.  Not only children, but many adults adore playing them to spend time. The coronavirus outbreak in 2020 made almost the whole world change its lifestyle, and more people started to stay at home. Sometimes we all need to rest from everything, but when external circumstances make you be at home 24/7, it’s easy to go crazy. Due to this situation, plenty of activities got through the rebirth, and computer games as well.

School and college students are the people who certainly don’t enjoy the amount of time they spend at home now. They are already overworked and have time neither to play games nor to rest.  The most obvious solution for this problem is finding some samples, or typing the search query do my essay for me cheap, but the ready-made samples do not always match the topic. That’s why it’s better to find an academic writing service that tackles any papers, including history essays, and gets a custom-written paper. 

Today we’ll focus on the most popular games, don’t get disappointed if you don’t see the newest releases. 

NBA 2K20

It’s the 21st game in the NBA series. Various sports simulators can hardly be called games for everyone because not all people like them, but we suppose that those who dislike them just haven’t tried to play the latest versions. It may seem that there’s no room for updates and new functions that may surprise, but NBA 2k20 developers don’t think so. Enjoy the stunning visual of the game and play new game modes. NBA 2k20 now has an open world so that you may create your own basketball culture. The game is available on all platforms and operating systems, including Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation. 

Grand Theft Auto V

Do you remember that GTA 5 was released in 2013? It was eight years ago, but when people play this game, they can’t believe it. We suppose the developers achieved the aim they set. Grand Theft Auto is an endless classic people will play many years later. This game has everything you need to have a good time. The plot revolves around three robbers that oppose both the police and other gangs. If you don’t want to complete missions, you may enjoy wandering the city and driving vehicles.


No one compilation of the most popular games can do without this game. More than 200 billion people around the world purchased this game and continue playing it until this day. It was released in 2011. Since that time, developers and community members have created plenty of additions and modifications to transform their playing experience.  If you have a lot of free time and are looking for an interesting game to play on your Nintendo Switch console, purchase this one, it will certainly work well enough. Minecraft is a 3D world. Players can rebuild it, extract materials, and build new items. The game has no missions and concrete aims: play it with your friends just for fun.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS: GO is probably the most popular shooter game among PC players. Initially, it was paid, but in December 2018, developers decided to make it free. It started a new wave of the game’s popularity. CS: GO is a good old 3D multiplayer shooter with a few updates. The good thing is that developers didn’t forget the game as it often happens. Now CS players have access to various big updates, new game modes, new items. All Counter-Strike games are esport disciplines, and Global Offensive isn’t an exclusion. 

Plague Inc: Evolved

We hope there’s no point in describing the factors that caused a growth in its popularity. 2020-2021 are the years of the second wave of game popularity. Plague Inc. created a global sensation in 2014 when it was released. Plague Inc: Evolved is the second game from Ndemic Creations that was designed for PC and consoles. Plague Inc. was available only for mobile phones. People’s excitement made developers think about releasing a new version, and their decision was right. The mission of the player is the same: to create a pathogen and get the whole world infected with it.

Red Dead Redemption II

This game is the third in the Red Dead series and is a prequel to the last game, released in 2018. RDR II is a single-person action-adventure game that lets players feel the western atmosphere. Even though the US states in this game are fictional, you don’t feel it. Red Dead Redemption is a game where you may explore the world, find interesting places, complete missions, such as hunting, robbery, and shooting. This game was one of the most expected in 2018, and two weeks from its release, more than 17 million people purchased it. If you value an interesting plot, Red Dead Redemption is the game for you.