What Happens at a Rocket League Tournament?

E-sports continues to exert an hypnotic influence over players and viewers alike. According to Newzoo, e-sports attracted a global audience of 474 million during 2021. The majority of fans can’t resist watching live streaming of ambushes and shoot-outs in serious Battle Royale competitions. However, there is a growing core of e-sports devotees who just love the fun and entertainment of Rocket League. From 2021 to 2022, there has been an average of 19,000 viewers on Twitch alone. What do they find so compelling about Rocket League?

Introducing Rocket League

Psyonix launched Rocket League in July 2017. It has a fantasy theme, with high-powered vehicles competing against each other in a soccer match. Fans of all ages love watching cars speed around the playing arena dynamically firing a ball into an opponent’s goal net. Fantasy it may be, with elements of a demolition derby for good measure, but it still bears more of a comparison with real life sporting events. There are competitive tournaments, prizes to be won and thrilling player involvement for anyone who wants to play.

Rocket League Championships

Since Psyonix established the Rocket League Championships, 29 million players have registered to play the game. With multi-platform accessibility, anyone can easily play through their PC or a games console such as Xbox. Interactive tournaments are held every week, providing players with the opportunity to earn themselves credits. There is no easy way such as purchasing credits, players have to rely on their own combination of soccer and driving skills to earn them on merit. Once stacked on a dashboard, credits can be exchanged in store for exclusive supplies such as improved rocket fuel to supercharge vehicle performance.

Inside a Tournament

Although Rocket League is a fun game for youngsters, as of 2022, players have to be at least fifteen years of age to be eligible to play in an official tournament. Players can even register as individuals or incomplete teams. The competitive action kicks off with thirty-two teams taking part. Teams play one match in the first round, but any that lose have a second opportunity to play again. The semi-final round and the final are played over a set of three matches.

Rocket League as an E-Sport

The secret of Rocket League’s success in e-sports is the speed of the matches. Each one lasts just eleven minutes. Compared to the long fifty minutes of Battle Royale bouts, players need to be as fast as their rocket-fueled vehicles to make the most of their time on the pitch. For spectators, watching the progress of an entire tournament played at rocket speed is incredibly exciting. As one of the fastest e-sports, Rocket League can be enjoyed without it stealing time from a regular daily schedule. Check out Rocket league tournament times at 1337PRO.com and find out when it’s convenient to watch or play an entertaining, fun-packed e-sport.