Which Games are Best for Busy Students?

Being a student is challenging and stressful at times, especially when you have a huge study load. Finding ways to spend your free time in a relaxing atmosphere and doing something that comes with pleasure and not with stress is something all students want to do. Playing games might be the easiest and most accessible activity students can engage in. 

However, it is important to be aware of the fact that some games are very captivating, so they can immerse you in that universe and keep you connected for hours. For busy students, this is not something they would want. They need to take care of their assignments, so it is important to manage their time efficiently. Thankfully, there are educational indie games, as well as other games that are shorter and more relaxing to play. So, which games are best for busy students?

Trackmania Turbo 

Do you love racing games but you think that they eat a lot of your time? Well, you should play Trackmania Turbo. If you have played other Trackmania games, you probably know what to expect. Short and intense races that help you relax and take a break between college assignments. 

The user experience is great and the graphic design is impressive. Trackmania Turbo is a game many busy students can play because it does not take so much time. Yes, you can easily immerse yourself in and become frustrated because you cannot beat your personal record or happy because you managed to do it. But it also offers students enough time to study for their exams or find someone to help me to do homework in Сanada. Some assignments and written tasks can be more complicated than they may seem, so you need to invest more time in getting things done. And when you take a break, playing a few races in Trackmania Turbo will help you relax and return to your tasks with a fresher perspective. 


If you are looking for entertainment for students that are busy and only want to take a break from their studying sessions, then Cuphead is the game you were looking for. There are some game stages or phrases you need to go through, some more challenging than others, but all in all, it is a game loved by students. This is because its design is inspired by American animations of the golden age, so it reminds many players of their childhoods. Cuphead is a short and intense game that focuses on boss battles. 

Rocket League 

If you love racing and sports, then you should play Rocket League. A fun but an intense game where you need to play soccer with vehicles. And for students looking for games to play even when they are busy, Rocket League is a great choice. Each game lasts between 5 and 7 minutes, depending on the number of scored goals. But it seems it is one of the best choices when it comes to taking a break between studying sessions. 

The Stanley Parable 

The Stanley Parable is a great game for busy students, especially because the entire game can be finished in two or three hours straight. However, you can play each step in one study break, so that it will take you some days to finish it. It is a game full of humor and loved by busy students. You even have a narrator to guide you, but you can mute it along the way and choose your own way. The storytelling and plot twists are sometimes complicated, but they help you relax during a challenging study or writing session. 

Dead Cells 

Dead Cells is not a game that you can complete easily. Along the way, you will have a lot of missions to complete and many of them will leave you frustrated. So, instead of staying for 12 hours straight in front of the computer playing this game, you will play shorter game sessions. You will encounter a lot of obstacles that are not so easy to overcome, so anger and frustration can easily appear. But thanks to these intense emotions, you will pause playing the game and return to your academic tasks. 


Looking for the best indie games to play while you take a break from studying? Well, these are some of the best games played by busy students. The gaming sessions are quite short, so you will not lose yourself while playing one of these games. Even though every game is designed to be immersive and inciting, some of them are frustrating, which will pause the gaming session. This is nice because you return to your tasks and play the games only when you take breaks, managing your time efficiently. 

Bio lines: James Collins is a creative writer and blogger. He loves playing video games and his blog posts are centered around gaming. James’ favorite game is DOTA 2.