Why Many Kids Dream of Career As A Gamer When They Grow Up

When we were kids, we were pretty much influenced by our parents, teachers, or family members who inspired us to dream about our possible future careers. For most of us, the life of a professional gamer wasn’t even a choice as gaming culture was just emerging, so we all wanted to be doctors, policemen, or perhaps firefighters one day. The sport was a big thing back in the 90s so many kids dreamt of becoming professional athletes like Michael Jordan or Mike Tyson. Being a Mortal Kombat pro when I grow up was not the sentence that most kids took seriously, but today reality is somehow different. We have championships, leagues, plus tournaments for a wide variety of games with prize pools totaling millions as being a pro gamer is slowly becoming each kid’s new dream job to aspire to. 

Free Market For Gamers 

Things changed a lot since our generation was having fun on Sega or Commodore consoles. Those who remember first game samples like Tetris or Donkey Kong or even arcades like Mortal Kombat haven’t dreamed that one day their kids might be playing some of these games as any professional gamer would. These titles were some free fun, and no one ever said that when I grow up, I was going to be a gamer. Today, psychologists write essay samples trying to explain this phenomenon, but no essays can explain how this industry accumulated so much cash that a career as a gamer became profitable. Anyway, kids’ interests are certainly shifting from popular career dreams like being an astronaut to something related to their precious world of video games.

When your parents tell you that you are wasting time playing Fortnite or Dota 2, just show them some recent prize pools of championship tournaments. They might quickly change their mind and support your newly discovered dream of pursuing a life of a professional gamer. It is one free market out there for all players who think they have some proper skills and all you have to do is go online, challenge other players, and start making a name for yourself. That is how you start your journey as a future professional gamer, and luckily some of the major esports teams will recognize your talent and ask you to join them. At least that is the best-case scenario.

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There isn’t anything better than playing one’s favourite video games for a living and making huge money out of it, as many YouTubers figured already. It is every kid’s dream but it takes a lot of dedication and investment in top gear if you think about becoming some pro tournament player one day. If you prefer writing some argumentative essays, administrative papers, or doing some accounting job, then forget about your career as a gamer, but if you hate these things you might be an eligible gaming prospect. There is no job interview or one’s dream job speech in this game, as you must figure out how to navigate your avatar in this virtual world of MMORPG games, game writers, developers, and gaming forums. This whole industry is still growing, learning, and evolving so you should also by mastering your games, watching tutorials, and practising your skills in an online arena full of young players eager to prove themselves.

Success Story Examples

Perhaps one day you will stand toe to toe with great names like Patrick Lindberg or Sander Kaasjager, but figuring how do you become a pro gamer is just the first step. Chris Alesund aka Mr GetRight discovers Counter-Strike by accident and fell in love with it, so today he is making tens of thousands of dollars via tournaments worldwide. If you are some Quake freak like Maciej Krzykowski then you know what does it take to be a pro gamer, because he played small tournaments for years until winning ESWC in Paris in 2007, taking home his $10000 prize. These are just some samples of successful gaming careers but if you wish to earn that paper yourself, you will have to be persuasive, dedicated, and focused on your game. Perhaps one day, those writers at Game performer will write an article about you and your amazing achievements as one pro gamer. 

Playing video games ain’t just some hobby anymore, but one serious business and a possible prosperous career choice for those who show promise or talent in this line of work. Developing one’s career as a gamer is a reality these days as you climb up the ladder from your laptop to local gaming parlours and later on, real tournaments with some serious money to be made. It is one perfect job and the best thing is that there is no template one needs to follow, just his heart and his taste in video games. Whether one loves strategies like Total War saga or shooters like Call of Duty, his dream to become a pro gamer could be more plausible than it seemed two decades ago. It is like some real dream that transports you into the magical worlds of video games so no wonder millions of kids can’t wait to try their skills and see if they have what it takes to be a pro gamer themselves one day.