Microsoft’s powerful console is getting a lot of hype as it draws closer to its launch date this November 7 for $499. However, there are some who still thinks that price tag is too much considering that the system doesn’t have the “exclusive” titles. Even if the mid-generation upgrade for Xbox One does not have those exclusives, some are happy to have their third-party games play on Xbox One X and as well as the 4K Blu-ray playback.

Dave McCarthy, the Xbox General Manager, said that the Xbox One X is your “top-end” console experience – having 4K textures, 40% more processing power, 6 teraflops of GPU power, and 4K Blu-ray support. In addition to this interview with Official Xbox Magazine UK (Issue 155, October 2017), the Xbox One X also ensures the consistent frame-rate and performance from all games played on the system.

Well on some levels I think there’s aspects of even Xbox One S that I’d compare [to the PS4 Pro] in terms of HDR gaming, 4K video streaming capabilities, 4K Blu-ray support. There are only two consoles in the world that support 4K Blu-ray, and they’re both Xbox Ones – Xbox One S and Xbox One X. I make more of a comparison [with Xbox One X] to what the higher end PCs are doing right now.

There is a big difference with 40% more processing power, in terms of ensuring that consistent frame rate, including that frame buffer that’s going to get you all those 4K textures, ensuring the spatial audio is going to be at a premium for you. So it really is that top-end experience.

Dave also cited that Xbox One owners won’t have any problems switching to Xbox One X.

Furthermore, the question about backwards compatibility is if the original Xbox discs would work on Xbox One/S/X, the Xbox General Manager said that they’re still looking into making work.

We’re working through all that stuff now. I can tell you this much – it’s going to be a library of games. So it’s not just Crimson Skies , which we showed [at the conference]. You know, we understand that there’s obviously a delivery model we have to sort out. We have a plan on it, we’re just working through the details, and we will be sharing stuff more throughout the year on exactly how it’s going to work.

We do think that Xbox One X is the top-end choice for hardcore gamers, but if without any captivating first-party titles to play aside from Sea of Thieves and Crackdown 3, then probably it might not be the best suited choice. Also, Dave considers Anthem running on Xbox One X as “true 4K”.

You saw Patrick Söderlund talk a little bit about that, both in the EA Play conference and when he was introducing Anthem from BioWare [at Microsoft’s conference]. There’s an immersion factor to true 4K.

We all know that Anthem runs on checkerboard rendering like the PS4 Pro version. And it’s not just Anthem, other titles like Assassin’s Creed Origins also run on checkerboard rendering.

Do you think it’s best to get an Xbox One X for an upgrade this year? Have you already pre-ordered?

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  • Giselle Brady

    Fast forward to 2018 and PS4 will be the leader by a wide margain in sales.

    • 7770777

      Enjoy playing those sales while I’m enjoying the highest quality console gaming experience available.

  • Death5talker45

    I am not a “Hardcore” gamer, but I am getting an X later this year for sure… all games will look and play better on the X including on 1080p TVs and 4K TVs… so I am getting one and wait on the 4K TV till next year.

  • zero

    I’m getting an X. I have a One, One S, a PS4 & a PS4 PRO. I mostly game on my PRO. I think the difference between 1X & PRO is small.

    The only thing the X could possibly do better is consistent frame rate & more games running in Native 4k(considering how MSoft bashed SONY about checkerboard not being true 4k & then back pedaling & saying checkerboard is TRUE 4K I think the One X is going to struggle with native 4k & 60fps LOCKED).

    The bashing & back pedaling bothered me but whatever. They’ve all jabbed each other at some point. But at least the argument of checkerboard 4k being true 4k has been put to rest since MSoft has changed their tune & sided with Sony on that.

    The One thing I love about my Xbox family of One’s(and I wish Sony had their own product for this…) is my XBOX ONE ELITE CONTROLLER. I fucking LOVE THIS thing. Makes playing FPS incredible. The paddles underneath make all the difference. Sony needs to step up & make their own equivalent controller. I don’t feel like paying $190 for a Scuf or the 2 official licensed controllers. Too expensive.

    I think I’ll still buy most of my games on PS4 PRO UNTIL they actually LOOK & RUN BETTER on X1X.

    However long that will take. And I’m talking about seeing a NOTICEABLE VISUAL DIFFERENCE WHILE PLAYING. Not STILLS/PICTURES on Digital Foundry. Any game can look better vs another system in a still shot counting pixels.

    • 7770777

      You aren’t going to be waiting long to see the Xbox One X destroy the performance of the PlayStation 4 Pro. The post launch games being patched as well as everything going forward will be blatantly one sided in performance. We aren’t talking about the 0.53 teraflop advantage the Ps4 had over the original Xbox One. The Xbox One X has the GPU teraflop equivalent of a Ps4 and Ps4 Pro combined. The difference in Rise of the Tomb Raider was huge, and that was simply native 4K v/s 4K checkerboarding. Someone would have to be blind not to notice the difference in image quality.

      • PlaySaviour4

        Microsoft needs to fix the consumer distrust on the Xbox brand first before it ever hope to succeed with XBOX upgrade.

        • 7770777

          They are working on it. The Xbox is currently the most pro-consumer console brand on the market. A person can spend $20 and have access to over 120 games for a month, as well as a nice discount if they enjoy a game and want to buy it out right. Xbox has backwards and forwards compatitibility, they arent asking people to buy the same games over and over. Microsoft chose to put a 4K Bluray drive in the Xbox so people arent forced to stream 4K movies and tv, which can become very expensive depending on how often someone wants to enjoy themselves.

          Without a doubt Don Mattrick was the wrong person to head the Xbox division. Phil Spencer is the right man for the job, not just the job but the future of the industry. Since taking the reigns he has made a massive surge towards listening to gamers and giving them what they want collectively. There is a whole section on the Xbox website for gamers to suggest things as well as vote for the things they want. Gamers wanted high resolution and framerate, the XBox One X is the most powerful console ever made. People wanted backwards compatibilty, they got it. People wanted to be able to play music while gaming, they got it. He brought EA Access and Game Pass to the Xbox. Looking For Group, and game Clubs are intergrated directly in the OS of the Xbox because people wanted those features. This attitude isnt something that should be exclusive to Xbox, its the proper direction for the entire console industry. But the best thing about Phil Spencer? He isnt a fanboy, he is a gamer first and foremost.

  • PlaySaviour4

    “Do you think it’s best to get an Xbox One X for an upgrade this year? ”
    That is so many X’s in one name, eh!
    because of three words: “HUGE FILE SIZES”
    Game development and publishing suffered greatly when video games were transitioning from SD to HD. Everything doubled! Development budget, costs, manpower, file sizes, time, etc.
    This put serious burden on Sony, M$ and especially Nintendo with their ill fated Wii U.

    PlayStation was smart enough to make sure that these problems do not happen while console gaming is transitioning from HD to 4K by keeping the HD file sizes yet displaying them in 4K. And they will release the PS5 once 4K TVs are mainstream and less expensive a few more years down the road.

    • ShowanW

      good thing microsoft is mega software company and already figuring this out… they are going to let end users preload the 4K add-ons in advance.

      so in a month or so, i can have my 4K pack for Gears 4, or Halo 5, or NBA2K before the console even launches and be ready to go.

      • PlaySaviour4

        For now most people will be gaming on Full HD TV s the 4K TV mass adoption is still very low. Give it a year or two and we will see true 4K adoption of the mass market. No hurry. This is why PS4 Pro was made to test the market. No need to jump the gun on “true 4K” console gaming yet. This benefits developers to use the current development schedule, model and budget.

  • A Verdade Ofende

    Dayone, sure!

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    too bad it took them 4 years and an extra $500 ($800 if you went for the xbones) to do it!

    Now, tell us about the TOP END LINEUP!

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  • GrimmyReaper

    Sigh, if people wanted just the best graphics, they’d get a PC.

    I’m kinda dissapointed Microsoft isn’t pushing more for 60fps, specially cause many games announced already have confirmed to be 4K30fps. Probably because the processor is a cheap one and barely stronger than the original Xbox One.

    And people will call me pc fanboy for this, but honestly, when I read “top end experience”, 30fps isn’t something that comes to mind. All this emphasis on just the graphics shows how shallow the industry and many consumers really are.

    And no, don’t even start. The reason why PC gamers say the best graphics are on PC is because the best can be achieved on PC. But better graphics isn’t just why we game on PC. For me, the biggest reason was that now, every console requires you to pay to play online. Paying for a shitty service? And this coming from someone who was in favor of PS+ but only because it wasn’t forced.

    So excuse me if I roll my eyes when the PR suits talks about top end experience to try and give value to the Xbox One X. Many PlayStation gamers are avid fans, they won’t switch. PC gamers aren’t fooled, they won’t switch. Nintendo gamers usually stick to Nintendo, they won’t switch.

    I am honestly finding it hard who this console is suppose to target. And yes, I am against exclusives because by design they are anti consumer, but I cannot deny that they can give value to a purchase of a console. PS4 has Uncharted, Zero Dawn, Persona 5, The Last of Us. The Switch has Mario, Zelda, Metroid. What does the Xbox have that is actually exclusive? Halo 6? Viva Pinata 2? Or is this gonna be a console exclusive for third party games to play the best console version of that game? Because that seems like a very specific market. Specially when you consider most people sustain 1 library for the console they have. Are PlayStation gamers really gonna buy an Xbox One X just to play the next CoD in 4k?

    • ShowanW

      there are just people out there who dont want to deal with PC, but want a pinch more from consoles… they dont care about the 30-60 fps scenario… maybe they only care about visuals and NO frame drops at all…

      PC gamers just have to realize that there are people out there who only rock with consoles… and for a moment in time, the 1X will be the better piece of plastic …

    • 7770777

      Might want to look at whats under the hood of the XBox One X before you shrug it off. If you arent rocking around a $1,000 rig the X likely has your rig beat. Different pc and gaming sites have tried to cobble together the cheapest barebones rig to a theoritically similar level of hardware & software, $800 was about the average cost. Most didnt factor in the extra ram, the custom cpu, or 4K Bluray player.

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