Game publisher SEGA recently announced during a livestream the new Season Pass for Valkyria Chronicles 4. They also revealed the DLCs that will be launched on separate occasions and it featured a familiar character: Selvaria.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Season Pass price

SEGA revealed that the Season Pass for the video game will be available in Japan starting today. It will have a price tag of around $37 or 4,000 yen plus the taxes.

Four DLCs announced

SEGA announced that there will be four DLCs coming to Valkyria Chronicles 4. These are Squad E to the sea, Squad E’s Captain is Absent, Raid Battle Hard-Ex, and Opposing Valkyria.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 DLC 1

Players can get the Squad E to the sea DLC on March 29, and buy it for only 1,500 yen. It will introduce a new chapter for the game, which tasks Squad E to scout an Imperial supply base with a beach that has white sands. They can access it after completing chapter 10 and it unlocks swimsuit costumes for several characters like Raz, Riley, Claude, Minerva, and Kai.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 DLC 2

SEGA will launch the Squad E’s Captain is Absent DLC on April 5 with a price tag of 1,000 yen. Players can play this DLC after chapter 10. They will have to find Ragnarok the K-9 dog while Claude is absent from this ordeal.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 DLC 3

Fans can get the third DLC Raid Battle Hard-EX on April 12 for only 1,000 yen. They can try this out after chapter 18. This mission will be difficult, which focuses on Squad E providing backup on the battlefield.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 DLC 4

The last DLC Opposing Valkyria will be available on April 19 for 1,500 yen. It will feature Crymaria Lewin and a familiar character of the Valkyria Chronicles series: Colonel Selvaria Bles. Completing this mission will unlock swimsuits for Nikola, Chiara, Crymaria, and Selvaria.

Check out Valkyria Chronicles 4 archived livestream video here:

Source: Japanese Official Website