11 bit studios Unveils Emotional Sci-Fi Game ‘The Alters’ Gameplay Trailer and Microsoft Game Pass Partnership

Survival, Alter-Egos, and Emotional Sci-Fi: 'The Alters' Gameplay Unveiled!

Polish developer 11 bit studios has unveiled the first-look gameplay trailer for their highly anticipated emotional sci-fi game, The Alters. The game is set to make its debut on both Microsoft’s PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for console services, adding an extra layer of accessibility for players.

The captivating trailer provides a glimpse into Jan Dolski’s journey as he embarks on a perilous quest to escape a desolate planet, haunted by the echoing question that has intrigued humanity for centuries: what if? Drawing inspiration from the critically acclaimed title This War of Mine, The Alters promises to immerse players in a heart-pounding battle for survival, where the hostile conditions of the alien world intensify Jan’s solitary struggle.

Upon crash-landing on the barren planet, Jan seeks refuge in a state-of-the-art mobile base designed for operation by a skilled team. The twist? Jan is alone, but fate smiles upon him with the discovery of Rapidium, an enigmatic substance unique to this treacherous world. Interacting with the Quantum Computer on the mobile base, Jan gains the ability to manipulate pivotal decisions from his past, resulting in the creation of alter-egos known as The Alters.

These alter-egos become indispensable allies, possessing diverse skill sets crucial for base repair, life sustainability, tool crafting, and resource mining. However, they are not mere taskbots; each Alter operates as a sentient being, complete with emotions, goals, and a hint of existential doubt. Despite the potential for chaos, their collective goal remains clear: survive, escape, and do it all independently.

The Alters is set to launch later this year for PC and consoles, promising an emotionally charged gaming experience. Upon release, the game’s inclusion in both PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for console further enhances its accessibility, allowing a wider audience to delve into the unique narrative and decision-making dynamics offered by The Alters. This marks a significant milestone for 11 bit studios, showcasing their commitment to delivering innovative and engaging gaming experiences.

The Alters will launch later this year for Windows 11 PCs and consoles. Upon its release, the game will also be available on PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for consoles.

Source: Press Release