Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Hands-on Preview | ESGS 2017

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is the latest iteration of the SAO game series and at the very least it is refreshing that we don’t get to see much swords or magic anymore.

Platform Previewed: PS4

The game uses the Gun Gale Online setting so expect some cyberpunk and a lot of freight container looking areas especially the dungeons. You get to use Kirito (trap version), Asuna, Sinon, and 2 new characters looking to make themselves memorable in the series. The characters have their own gunner classes like Sinon being the sniper since she is one in the anime and Kirito being the lightsaber jedi who uses a handgun on the side.

The controls were pretty difficult to get a hang of at first but once you do get the hang of it it’s pretty simple. The game doesn’t let you climb things even if there’s a ladder right in front of you but you do get to tether to walls then pull yourself to the them to climb. The enemies are quite bland and lack any real design to them so they look very cheap.

The targetting system is in my own words too “generous” sincce they just need to be in the circle to hit, it would’ve been more fun if the circle was significantly smaller considering the game’s core mechanics. The focus of the sniping aim takes far too long and the targeting circle for it is too large when you’re not using the aim function. I also found it disappointing there’s no button for your character to hide in the covers just like in GTA V or Watchdogs.

The screen is also quite chaotic when with so many sparkles flying around from the slightest gunshots especially from your allies. Kirito’s combat prowess are also on full display though it’s pretty much just repetitive at this point but at least there is the allure of using the trap version of Kirito and having a lightsaber, there really is just something about it.

Overall the game looks generic based on the demo we’ve played so hopefully some deeper mechanics in the gameplay in the full version or the story mode will redeem it. Stay tune because we might have our review for the game out sometime in the future.

If you want to try the game out, you can head over to the PlayStation booth at ESGS 2017 in SM Mall of Asia SMX Convention Center.