PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Version 1.0 To Launch Tonight At 11PM PST

This just in from PlayerUnknown’s Battleground‘s official Twitter, the final build and launch of version 1.0 will be tonight at 11:00PM Pacific Time on December 20 – that is 3:00PM Philippine Time tomorrow on December 21 – which marks the game’s exit from the Early Access status.

Additionally, the tweet also stated that a maintenance on its live servers will happen at 6:00PM PST tonight (10:00AM December 21 Philippine Time) which will last about 5 hours.

For those who are waiting for this moment, PUBG, the most-highly played on Steam and the successful battle royale title, will officially launch tonight. There will be tons of new features like a vaulting system, kill-cams, and much more.

Are you ready for tonight? For sure we all are!

Editor’s Note: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds won Best Multiplayer in the Sirus Game Awards 2017.