2Dark – Review

After seven years since Mr. Smith’s kids got abducted and his wife murdered, he champions child abduction cases. But they are not your typical abduction. The abductors (called bosses) are trained from an orphanage. Each one of them has a unique sickness that runs deep to the core. One thing they have in common: the habit of using real kids for sport, one for doll creation, and another for consumption. The list goes on. This game will get in your head. And it gets sicker the more you spend time on it.

Platform Reviewed: Xbox One
Platform Available: Xbox One, PC, PS4
Developer: Gloomywood
Publisher: Bigben Interactive
Release Date: March 10, 2017
Price: $29.99
This review is based on the retail build provided by the publisher.

Each mission really requires you to loot necessary clues and save as many kids as you can. It’s a thrilling game that would really put your stealth skills to test. In some missions, you will be able to lure monsters and lions to use them against the villains and keep the kids safe. The game has a lot to offer when it comes to decision-making if you will either end the life of those villains or go on stealth mode and escape. You can even trap those villains on their own cage. Candies are necessary for diversion and also make kids run faster.

Looting weapons such as guns or butcher knife are essential for survival. While on a mission, the game offers a unique way of saving your progress, just let Mr. Smith smoke and boom you have your checkpoint. Although, switching from one weapon to another or reloading weapons or flashlight batteries is difficult while you are being chased by bad guy. It has a mind-blowing wicked story that would also really frustrate you throughout the game. A friend is recommended before playing it. 2Dark has a scary atmosphere and you will be seeing kids ghost on some mission.

For a 2.5D game, the characters look decent and you can’t appreciate it unless you play it. Weapons are designed simple and looks detailed in the game. Each environment in all levels is a bit difficult to explore due to its “darkness” atmosphere which adds up to the thrill and suspense of the game. The puzzles in levels are easily found as long as read clues and know how to connect them. At first you would not be able to recognize few death traps like holes or spikes.

I was able to encounter a sprite bug on a hotel mission where one of the enemy AI. Initially before it happened, the AI went through the fire exit to go somewhere then I went up to the third floor then got back on the second, and that’s when he suddenly turned invisible but you can still see his peripheral radius and dialogue. When you try to hit an enemy with a crowbar or shoot bad guys with your gun, part of their body gets dismembered — it’s not just your enemies, but Mr. Smith as well. 2Dark didn’t hold back on the gore side which really compliments with the plot and also the title. It is indeed a DARK game and literally a dark story.

Background music really coincides with the game’s atmosphere, which I really admire. Some booming sounds when you will fall in the deathtraps and die. You will hear music filled with thrill and intensity if something dangerous is approaching. However, we encounter an annoying glitch in the game where the music gets overlapped by the same one every time we restarted the level.

Also, it would be nice if we can hear voice-overs with the dialogues for those interesting villains or other key characters in-game. It would have been better if most of the bosses will have their own unique chants not just subtitles. The creator must have a good reason for leaving the voice-over out. What I am trying to say, the game would have been better if it has voice-overs in-game not just subtitles to add more effect and emotion.

For each mission, you will be awarded with number of stars that rates you for how you did well in the level. After each level, it will show you a list of tasks or objectives that can get you a full 5 star rating. The level rating system is an intriguing aspect of 2Dark which makes you believe that there will be a different ending. I have tried to get a perfect rating in levels, but it’s just really difficult. You will have to be more precise, patient, and execute the whole plan perfectly. The game might possibly have a different ending if you approach the last level in another way.

2Dark offers exciting moments for each mission, just don’t let it frustrate you. I recommend that if you get the game, complete and finish it. A very compelling and weird sick story for a 2.5D game despite all the bugs, sound glitches, and frustration we encountered, we were still able to finish the game and enjoy it through the end.



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