5 Notable Monster Hunter Games

With just a few details seen from the trailer and other media so far, fans’ anticipation for the next big Monster Hunter game is still very high. Hunters are just excited to see and be able to play the new additions and features it has in store despite not even having a confirmation of a localization yet. But while we’re waiting for the next news to hit us up, I’d like to share five notable Monster Hunter games that has helped pave a lot of players’ hunting careers. Starting off with…


5. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP)Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Along with Freedom and Freedom 2, these are the first games of the franchise playable on the PSP. With portability in play, it gave players the opportunity to manage and execute their tactics much more efficiently just by being able to  be physically near to your party mate. These games served as my baptism to the world of Monster Hunter. Despite the nauseated feeling I got every hunt that I went to, these games still earned a place in my list.


Monster Hunter Tri

4. Monster Hunter Tri (Wii)

As if dealing with monsters on land was not enough, we had to deal with monsters under water. Tri served as another test to the hunter’s skills as it added more challenge by presenting vertical danger. Basically, you don’t just have to turn sideways to watch for incoming danger, you also have to be aware of your vertical perimeter for any monsters that might attack from above or below. Being underwater is disorienting and it has granted a lot of free cart rides to those inexperienced hunters.

3. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (3DS/Wii U)Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Due to the transition of the Monster Hunter games from the PSP to the 3DS, some fans took the change negatively; mainly because of the difference in graphics between the two handhelds. But Capcom somehow compensated for it by releasing the HD-remastered version of it on the Wii U. Not only that, it also has a crossplay feature between the 3DS and Wii U, allowing the players to bring their game with them, although the online version was still limited to the Wii U version. The HD remastering was also justified by how well it looked on the big screen.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

2. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS)

Aside from the new weapons, which I totally love using especially the versatile Insect Glaive, MH4U got loads of neat features. For one, it has a lot more content story-wise. Hunters are able to travel to different villages to follow the main story line. The gameplay focused more on the three-dimensional movement, allowing hunters to use height advantage to cause more damage or to mount monsters into submission. It was also the first game to use a fully integrated online multiplayer, unlike in the previous games where online multiplay is just limited to the larger consoles.

Monster Hunter Generations

1. Monster Hunter Generations (3DS)

What I like about Generations is that it is a culmination of all the previous games. It is a culmination os the old and the new. Aside from that, it also introduced the hunting arts and styles, allowing a wider customization for the hunters and also providing players with a lot more ways to hunt monsters. The main story line was not too long but the post-game content is enormous and is very much worth it. Plus, the online play is a lot more stable and accessible than it was before.

Other notable games that I see fit are mostly the Japanese spin-off games such as Monster Hunter Frontier Online, which we’re still hoping that Capcom will be less stingy about so that we can also play it properly in the coming years; Monster Hunter Explore which is pretty much a mobage translation of the game; Monster Hunter OtomonDrop, another mobage with math-three gameplay with cutesy designs, like what’s used in Monster Hunter Stories; and the Chinese Monster Hunter Online which has stunning HD graphics and just recently got a green light from its devs to have an English patch, thanks to the efforts of the fanbase.

If you have noticed, the list follows the chronological order from oldest to newest, but that’s pretty much how I see the quality of the franchise. It also means that there is ample improvement in every game that the franchise releases. This just shows how high the expectations are being set for the upcoming Monster Hunter XX/Double Cross, and I, as a fan myself, cannot wait for the new stuff and exciting adventure it has in store.