A Datamine Potentially Shows Mario’s New Voice Actor

A person had access to the kiosk demo of Wonder alledgedly leaked the list of voice actors.

A new report potentially reveals the new actor for Mario in a recent alleged datamine by a person who got access to a kiosk demo of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Nintendo’s upcoming first-party game that will launch on October 20, 2023.

Reported first by VGC, the list of voice actors was shared across various social media platforms, with 4Chan as the primary forum where the list was spotted first. VGC managed to spot the list on Resetera.

Twitter/X user Skipper93653, also shared by VGC, revealed the complete list of voice actors. However, there are names without identifying which character they’re doing the voice-over for. The validity of this leak is questionable; however, it was noted that the person who allegedly uploaded the list had never-before-seen screenshots of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, making the leak’s authenticity somewhat reliable.

In August 2023, Charles Martinet passed on the red hat to someone else who would do the voice-over of the iconic plumber. Charles has been Mario’s voice actor since 1996 when Super Mario 64 was released for Nintendo 64. Fans always admired and loved Charles’ portrayal of Mario, and all thanks to him, he brought Mario to life that we will remember for decades.

Even if Charles is no longer the voice of Mario in the next games, he is the Mario Ambassador, representing the character worldwide in events and other Nintendo-related activities.

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