The Sirus Gaming team is a group of passionate video-game bloggers and gamers from the Philippines dedicated to bring you the latest reviews and previews in the video-game industry. Our team of writers are selected for their knowledge on the video-game industry, quality articles, and reviews.

Our goal as a team is to provide quality content to our readers in our country and gamers around the world. Our review section is also strictly monitored to provide our readers the information needed about the games they want to buy. And most importantly, our main goal is to become the official gaming website in the Philippines.

The Sirus Gaming Editorial Team

Lexuzze Tablante

CEO | Consultant

Started his journey as a video-game writer in 2015 and launched Sirus Gaming. The passion Lex has for gaming is just beyond the limit. A motivated individual who wants to make sure that the team succeeds no matter what.

Kimberly Mae Go

COO | Co-Editor-in-Chief

Extremely organized, dependable person who takes pride in her work. Kimberly enjoys problem solving and exhibits strategic knowledge and judgment.

Leif Rey Bornales


Leif was first introduced to the world of video games at the young age of 6. Since then, he aspired to be a video game developer but never got to fulfilling that dream. Nowadays, you will find him playing on his PS4 or glued to his mobile phone.

Carl Christopher Cane

Game Reviewer

Carsh journeyed the path of a gamer since he was young. He played all types of games. He loves playing MMORPG. Gaming has always been his stress reliever. He aims to be a gamer even at the age of 70.

David Rix


Considered to be one of our Nintendo go to person in Sirus, David also spends his time playing on his PS4.

Jason Ong


A hardcore "weeaboo". Jason's main interests are anime, manga and Japanese RPGs. If it's anything that's weab related, it's safe to say he's got it covered.

John Fernandez


PC Master Race guy. Enjoys games that fall under simulation.



A young and highly motivated individual, Jonathan, or prefers to call himself as JQ, pushes his part to put his thoughts into writing. He loves Star Wars, a big fan of South Park and Assassin's Creed, JQ has probably the most experience when it comes to gaming.

Katherine Baskerville


She wishes she could ride a dragon. After all, she's read all about their lore and everything there is to them. She lives and breathes action games: hack and slash, RPG, FPS - you name it! Right now, the only thing she really wants now is a PS4 just so she can play Bloodborne.

May Alturas


A little is known about Mei here. She's a family person -- married too! But with all of her heart, she loves gaming as well. Aside from that, she also has a daily job as a trainer in a call-center.

Michaela Duterte


A cat girl who wants nothing more than to have the freedom to play games.

Roxanne Co


Rox is a part time game designer, part time geek. She likes looking for new restaurants and complaining about the gacha.

Erickson Melchor


This indie game developer would like to see his games do some good one day. Until then, he works on his craft and plays all sorts of games. You never know when and where inspiration might hit.

Mico Villaflor


Traveling alot at a young age he really didn't keep friends for long all he had with him was his PS1 and Memory card. Now he plays Computer games as his one and only hobby

Robert Enciso

Likes to play games with deep storylines and character development. Puzzle games as a side hobby.