A new free-to-play shooter, The First Descendant, gets showcased at The Game Awards 2023

Today at The Game Awards 2023, NEXON and NEXON Games debuted a new cinematic trailer for The First Descendant, giving players a deeper look at the Descendants while also revealing a Summer 2024 launch. To stay updated on news and be among the first to play The First Descendant, players can wishlist the next-generation free-to-play co-op looter shooter on Steam, PlayStation and the Microsoft Store on Xbox.

This new cinematic trailer for The First Descendant, created in Unreal Engine 5.2, features Descendants Valby, Viessa and a mysterious new face. Encouraged by her allies, Valby accepts her calling as a Descendant and prepares with her team for a sudden face-off against two monstrous Colossi threatening Ingris, their home. The trailer highlights the significance of cooperative gameplay and encourages players to be amongst the first to rise to the occasion in Summer 2024.

The First Descendant recently held a Crossplay Open Beta, which amassed nearly 2 million participants from over 200 countries. Following the Beta, the development team decided to launch in 2024 to provide a host of top-requested enhancements, including higher mission variety, more content in the fields, cleaner user experience and interface, and even further optimized graphics.

The First Descendant is expected to release on consoles and PC next year, Summer 2024.

Source: Press Release