A Pixel Story now Available

Puzzle Platform games are getting more popular nowadays. A Pixel Story, developed by Lamplight Studios, is a 2D puzzle platformer title that’s now available on Steam for PC. A Pixel Story retells the story of the history of video-games. The game received a lot of positive feedback from known game critics for it’s easy to learn but tough to master gameplay.

The early prototype of A Pixel Story was made in about 9 weeks by a five-person team. The prototype of the successful game received a nomination for the BAFTA Ones To Watch award. Lamplight Studios made the game’s mechanic and core gameplay into a fun and challenging experience for the old and new gamers.

Players takes the role of a titular pixel, they need to escape from a Pong-like game world and then progress through increasingly detailed game worlds that pay homage to the developments made in gaming across four graphical generations.

Dare to be Digital 2012, the annual international student game design competition run by the UK’s University of Abertay, saw Lamplight Studios win the Channel 4 Award and £25,000 in prize money to develop their game idea with Channel 4.

A Pixel Story features:
– Quick reflex platform action with a puzzle twist
– Vibrant worlds pay homage to 8-bit, 16-bit and modern gaming eras
– A magical teleportation hat
– Pad-smashingly-hard bonus challenge rooms
– Seven worlds, each with a new mechanic
– Evolving graphical and audio fidelity
– Thousands of coins, gems and special items to collect
– Did we mention the magical teleportation hat?

A Pixel Story is available on Steam for PC from today for $11.99.