Ace Combat 7’s E3 Demo Gameplay in 4K, a stable 30FPS

Kazutoki Kono, the director of Ace Combat 7, has revealed the Mission 3 E3 Demo of Ace Combat 7 to everyone through IGN. Similar to Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War and the previous Ace Combat titles, players are still brought to the briefing area where they can see the positions of friendlies and a digital map of the mission.

The E3 demo video also shows an astonishing 4K resolution running on a PS4 Pro. The details of the aircraft are remarkable; the game also runs at a stable 30 frames per second. Kazutoki also showed us some nice views from the cockpit, especially the realistic clouds and humidity when players passes through them.

You can check the full 14 minute E3 demo gameplay with full commentaries from Kazutoki Kono himself:

Ace Combat 7 is delayed to 2018 as the development team is doing their best to give out a problem-free launch.

Source: IGN