Activision and Riot Games Class-Action Settlement Payments Details Revealed

Over 1500 female employees have now received payments.

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A new report has revealed the details of the settlements for Activision and Riot Games employees.

According to Axios and a recent court filing, it was revealed that 1548 current or former female workers at Riot Games employees have now received payments of between $2500 and $5000 at Riot. Hundreds of Activision employees have also received payouts for a separate, but similar settlement. This was part of previously announced settlements after a discrimination lawsuit.

There were additional payments of up to $40000, but that will depend on employment status and tenure.

According to Activision, it will be making payments that will range from five to six figures to hundreds of people who have chosen the class-action dispute. This will include anyone who has worked for the company since September 2016.

It was revealed previously by numerous staff members that Riot Games had a toxic place to work. Sexism was very common in the workplace, which triggered this lawsuit and more than 2000 of them have joined up.