Activision Opens New Montreal Studio to Focus on Call of Duty Franchise

New help coming in.

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Activision has recently opened a new studio in Montreal and it will focus on the Call of Duty franchise.

The game publisher seems to be taking different kinds of measures in order to keep the future titles of the Call of Duty franchise are released in high quality. A new studio was recently opened in Montreal, which is one of the subsidiary companies and it will be dedicated to working on one of their most popular franchises.

The subsidiary company is called Beenox and it has worked on several Call of Duty games in the past, so they already have experience. This time around, they will now partially be dedicated to the mobile projects of Activision, which should be Call of Duty Warzone mobile version.

With the help of Beenox, it could definitely help Activision with their tight workload. There have been rumors that the game company is actually planning to remastering another old Call of Duty game and the addition of Beenox could definitely make them move faster.

In other news, there have been rumors that Activision is planning to make their own subscription service for Call of Duty. Just like GTA+ by Rockstar Game, it would have the same payment schemes, but there have been rumors that the yearly cost will be about $70. Call of Duty has tons of bundles and has other microtransactions options, so it is possible those figures are not true.