AEW Fight Forever 30 Player Mode Drops This Week

The game mode might not get enough players though.

It has been announced that the AEW Fight Forever 30 Player Mode will still drop this week even though its Steam version’s average player has now dropped a lot.

The AEW Fight Forever free Stadium Stampede mode will be released on August 24, 2024 and offers a 30 player battle royale mode. This is a new mode that will let players run around a large empty stadium filled with weapons and other items.

The area will get smaller as the match continues and will eventually push all other players into the center. The last player surviving the mode will be the ultimate champion. This was actually teased way back in July 2023.

While the mode is still going through its launch, it is interesting to know that the 30-player mode might not get enough players on Steam as the game has just dropped the 30 player mark. When the game launched in June 2023, it had a peak concurrent player count of 2210 with a daily average of around 1200. Now, it has lowered below 30 players for the first time and has an average concurrent player count of 29. It has dropped further to 24 last Tuesday.

Since the concurrent player count does not even go up to 30, it would be unlikely to make a full 30-player roster with the Stadium Stampede. Worse of all, the game does not support cross-play between PC and console so PC players will have to make do with the numbers they have on that day.

This new free update might just give the game the player surge it needs though since it is new content. Who knows.

AEW Fight Forever is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.