AEW Fight Forever To Add New Mode and More Content Soon

More wrestlers might get added too.

AEW Fight Forever will be adding a brand new mode and more content soon.

Famous AEW wrestler Kenny Omega is quite involved in AEW Fight Forever in terms of development. He has been there since day one and tried his best to defend the game despite its mixed feedback when it launched. He did encourage fans and players alike to continue discussions and feedback on the game so the developers could make changes along the way. In one of his recent interviews, he also made some comments about the game.

AEW Fight Forever Plans to Add New Mode

Omega recently spoke with Uproxx in an interview talking about the game and promised that the game will get more content soon. One of the details he shared was the upcoming Stadium Stampeded mode, which is a new multiplayer battle royale match type that was leaked after launch.

More Customization Options

Aside from the new mode, Omega also talked about more customization options for the game’s character creation suite and additional wrestlers, but unfortunately, he did not reveal their names. “There is always going to be additions to this game,” Omega revealed. “You haven’t seen anything yet. You’ve seen a little bit, but you haven’t seen a lot of things that I’m very excited for.”

Hint of New Wrestlers

Omega hinted that existing wrestlers from Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling might get added later. Six post-launch DLC wrestlers have been confirmed to join, but these wrestlers that Omega mentioned are new.

AEW Fight Forever is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.