AEW: Fight Forever Introduces Casino Battle Royale Mode

Casino Battle Royale explained.

THQ Nordic has recently revealed the AEW: Fight Forever Casino Battle Royale Mode with a new trailer.

AEW: Fighter Forever Casino Battle Royale Details

For the players who do not know about it, Casino Battle Royale is a modified “rumble rules battle royale” including 21 wrestlers. In AEW: Fight Forever’s Casino Battle Royale mode, Casino refers to the special deck of cards entry system used in this match. The wrestlers will be divided into suits: diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades, with each group consisting of a specific number of participants. When a wrestler’s card is called, they enter the ring and their objective is to eliminate their opponents by throwing them over the top rope. Once a wrestler is eliminated, they are out of the match, and the battle continues until only one wrestler remains.

About AEW: Fight Forever

AEW: Fight Forever is scheduled for launch on June 29, 2023 across console and PC. It offers a nostalgic arcade feel offering wrestling game fans the best finishers they could think of. This game gives players a chance to pull off wrestling moves only seen on the wildly popular AEW programming. Online co-op wrestling is going completely next level with Tag-Team matches that feature sequences of team maneuvers performed with simple commands. Game modes include Ladder Match, Exploding Barbed Wire and Casino Battle Royale along with a stacked roster of popular WEW wrestlers. Fans can enjoy career mode, wrestler customization, signature AEW arenas, and a lot of fun.

AEW: Fighter Forever will be available on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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