AEW: Fight Forever Keeps Crashing on Specific Console

THQ: Nordic currently making a fix.

THQ Nordic has recently announced that it is aware of the recent AEW: Fight Forever crash issues on a certain console.

AEW: Fight Forever has some mixed reviews from critics, but from what the users say, the game is a lot of fun. While it has some graphical issues, fans are having fun playing the game. Graphical issues are sometimes forgivable but when it becomes game-breaking, it will become problematic. It has been discovered that the game has had some issues recently on a certain console.

AEW: Fight Forever PS4 Versions Keep Crashing

Today, it was reported that AEW: Fight Forever is crashing on the PS4 console. Some users complained that they could not even play Road to Elite because it kept crashing on their end. They could not also edit their created characters without crashing.

Another user wrote that after they created a character and tried editing the moveset, it crashed on them. They tried to uninstall and reinstall the game but the results were the same. After doing that, every match type would crash before it would even start.

THQ Nordic Working on a Fix

Due to the numerous complaints, THQ Nordic has now posted on its official Twitter account. It admitted that they are aware of the game crashes with the game on PS4. They are now looking into it. No word yet on a definite fix.

AEW: Fight Forever is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.