Ageless Launching on PC and Nintendo Switch Late Next Month


Game publisher Team17 and developer One More Dream Studios recently announced that puzzle-platformer Ageless will be coming late next month.

The upcoming video game will be launched on PC and Nintendo Switch on July 28. It is a story about Kiara who embarks on a magical journey of self-discovery after find a mysterious bow that can age and de-age plants and animals around her. Players will get to learn different kinds of abilities as her journey continues, visit colorful environments, and solve different kinds of puzzles.

Key Features:

• Unique age manipulation: Age flora and fauna through various stages of their life cycles to solve puzzles standing in your way
• Puzzle platforming: Ageless uses the environment and the age manipulation mechanic to provide intricate platforming challenges
• Emotive storyline: Traverse through a pixel-art world of wonder and find Kiara’s true purpose, interacting with various important characters with their own stories to tell

Bala Vicknesh, Lead Developer, One More Dream Studios, said:

Crafting Kiara’s journey in Ageless has been a real wild ride for everybody at One More Dream, and we’re truly excited to be able to announce its release date. I’m so proud of what the team has accomplished, and I can’t wait to see how the ageing mechanic and personal story resonate with people once they get their hands on Ageless next month.

Chris Chester, Producer, Team17, said:

Working on Ageless has been a special experience. One More Dream Studios’ debut title is a wonderfully thought-provoking game with a lot of heart, and it’s been a real pleasure to help bring their vision to life.

Source: Press Release

Check out the trailer here:

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