Alan Wake 2 Devs Confirm Game Length

There are also at least two expansions being planned for the game.

alan wake 2

Remedy Entertainment has recently revealed new details about Alan Wake 2 specifically on the amount of time to complete the game.

During the Summer Game Fest’s Play Days, several game companies showed off their upcoming titles behind closed doors. One of them was Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake 2, a much-awaited sequel to the highly-rated psychological horror game Alan Wake. After the 30-minute hands-off presentation, interviews were done together with some of the crew of Remedy Entertainment. One of those shared new details that would definitely be of high interest to fans of the franchise.

Alan Wake 2 Current Gameplay Length

WCCFTech recently spoke with Communications Director Thomas Puha to talk about various details of the game and one of those was the length of time to complete the whole sequel.

When asked about how long Alan Wake 2 will take to complete, Puha replied that it will depend on the skills of the players. He did say that the game is still not quite done yet because there is still a lot of content going in, but it takes over 20 hours to complete. This could increase depending on the amount of new content that will get added later on.

Expansions Confirmed

Aside from the length of the game, another interesting detail was revealed by Remedy during the interview. It was revealed that the developers are already planning to make two expansions in the future, but did not share more information about that. According to Puha, the style will be similar to Control’s expansions.

Alan Wake 2 launches on October 17, 2023 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.