Alan Wake 2 Devs Think Game Sequel Will Beat Spider-Man 2

Remedy thinks it can beat big hitters that got announced in PlayStation Showcase.

A new statement claims that the upcoming psychological horror sequel Alan Wake 2 will be the best-looking video game this year.

Alan Wake 2 new gameplay and cutscenes were shown during the latest PlayStation Showcase, which showed crisp and high-end visuals that might compete with other big upcoming titles. Developer Remedy Entertainment is so confident of the game’s graphics that they have released a ridiculous statement that might just come true based on the trailer.

Communications Director Thomas Puha recently posted on Twitter to share a statement on how badly the developer intends to overcome all of the other Triple-A titles.

“The Alan Wake 2 trailer in the PlayStation Showcase was 100% running on PlayStation 5,” Puha said. “I want to really point that out. We did say in 2021 that we are gonna push the graphics hard on this one. I think we’ll have the best-looking game in 2023.”

Alan Wake 2 launches on October 17, 2023 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.