Alan Wake 2 may already be in development

Alan Wake

Since Control’s massive success during its launch in 2019, the beloved Alan Wake character was brought back to Remedy’s second expansion of Control titled AWE, which is a crossover between Control and Alan Wake.

We may have already been teased on Remedy’s new project in that expansion. As reported by Jeff Grubb from Venturebeat on his Twitch account, he heard that Alan Wake 2 is one of Epic Games’ funded games. This is actually one of the highlights in Grubb’s video stating that this is actually a shift in Epic’s strategy. So instead of dealing with developers to exclusively launch their games on Epic Game Store, this time the Steam competitor is funding this time a game’s development.

Grubb went on to state that this signified a change in strategy for Epic, which had moved to funding new projects from the ground up, rather than buying exclusivity for projects which had already been announced.

We’ve been waiting for an Alan Wake sequel and it’s high time for Remedy to take a look back at the franchise’s future.

Source: Eurogamer