All 5 Refreshments Locations – SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake

Here's where to find all Refreshments in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake

All Refreshments Location - SpongeBob SquarePants Cosmic Shake

One of the optional objectives in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake is to find refreshments for Squidward, and completing it will give players 1 Golden Doubloon for Bikini Bottom. But where do you even begin looking for these collectibles? Read on for a full walkthrough.

How to Start the Refreshments Side Quest?

This objective won’t be available until you return Squidward to Bikini Bottom from the Prehistoric Kelp Forest. Once you’re in Bikini Bottom, progress through the main story, where you need to restore Squidward’s vocabulary by locating 3 dictionaries near SpongeBob’s pineapple. Once done, turn in the objective by talking to Squidward.

After the short dialogue, you’ll see a bubble with a red flag on top of Squidward’s head. Interact with him again to start the Refreshments Side Quest.

Tips: You may quickly travel to any checkpoint on the map by using the fast travel to checkpoints feature. To do this, open your world map and select on the little clams that represent various areas throughout the map.

Finding all 5 refreshments in the game takes place in the Wild West Jellyfields map. Here’s how you can find and collect them in order:

Refreshments #1: Seahorse Valley

Fast travel to the Seahorse Valley checkpoint and follow the main path, past the broken bridge, until you reach the trampoline with blue Tiki box platforms. You can find refreshment on the last tiki box by the waterfalls.

Refreshments #2: Riding School

Fast-travel to the Riding School checkpoint and climb on top of the school building in the center. Now, jump on top of the floating moving platforms; this will eventually lead you to the refreshment.

Refreshments #3: Manta Fe

Fast-travel to the Manta Fe checkpoint and climb on top of the Manta Fe Jail building in the middle by jumping on a trampoline. Now, jump across the rock pillar on your right to where the slingshot is, and then use the slingshot to reach the cemetery. Go around the back of the hill to find the refreshments.

Refreshments #4: Cacteen Hills

Fast-travel to the Cacteen Hills checkpoint. Keep going straight for a bit, and then veer off to the right to approach the cliff. Now, drop down the wooden platforms to get to the refreshments.

Refreshments #5: Sap the Gatherer

Fast-travel to the Sap the Gatherer checkpoint. Continue along the main path until you reach the area with four floating blue tikis. Climb over them until you reach the top, then turn to your right and jump across the rock platform to collect the refreshments.

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