Amazon Hires Developers from Rainbow Six Siege Team to Create New Multiplayer Title

American multinational technology company Amazon has recently hired developers as they open its fourth game development studio.

The new studio that the company has established today is located in Montreal, Canada, under its Amazon Games banner. It is lead by Luc Bouchard, Alexandre Remy, Xavier Marquis, and Romain Rimokh. They will be focusing on developing new original AAA games.

The four developers mentioned are actually core members of the development team that made Rainbow Six Siege. They have contributed a lot to the game for many years now from its creation, design, and continued development. Marquis and Remy left the team last December 2019 in order to work on a different project in Ubisoft.

No specific details were shared on the reason for their departure from Ubisoft, but now they are in Amazon and are core leaders of the new studio of Amazon. Luc Bouchard is the Head of Production, Marquis is the Creative Director, Remy is Head of Product, and Rimokh is the Content Director.

The announcement teased that the new game is an online multiplayer and it will be a unique experience.

Thanks VG247!