AMD Supplies to Improve Within This Year; Priority to have Supply Catch up to Demand

AMD CEO Lisa Su recently shared some important details in an interview with media outlet Venturebeat in terms of the supplies for its products.

With the global pandemic still going rampant, it has become difficult for some companies to work efficiently thus hindering progress with products, development, and more. AMD was no stranger to this, but Su shared some good news.

According to the AMD CEO, they are currently shipping a lot of parts to their OEM partners and channel partners to increase overall supply. “Volumes are continuing to increase across gaming, graphics, and CPUs,” she assures. “We expect that to continue to happen through 2021.”

Su did confess that there will be tightness of supply within the first half of the year. They will still continue to ship more products to their partners though. They know that the demand is high so it is a “very high” on the priority list. What they want to achieve is to have supply catch up with the high demand.

The CEO also clarified that they are not prioritizing output to OEMs.

“I would say we’re trying to satisfy as much of the customer set as we can. That means some real-time prioritization. But I would not say we’re prioritizing prebuilt versus DIY.”

Interview source: Venturebeat