Angry Joe Plans to Take Legal Action Against CBS

His episode 4 video review got taken down for the fifth time already and Angry Joe has had enough.

Popular game and movie reviewer Angry Joe has recently stated his plan to take legal action against television broadcasting company CBS after several of his videos about a Halo TV series episode review got copyright claimed.

Many YouTube videos have been copyright claimed in the past by other companies, but most of the time they get resolved quite easily since they are usually automated copyright strikes. Owners of those videos would make an appeal to YouTube and the streaming company would quickly remove the claim if proven false. There are a few videos that get taken down, but only when the claims are particularly correct and made sense. YouTuber Angry Joe is no newbie when it comes to these claims since a lot of his videos get copyright claimed.

This particular episode review of Halo TV series though was not an automated copyright claim. According to Angry Joe, a CBS employee has been manually copyright claiming their videos for ridiculous reasons. In fact, two of their episode reviews got claimed, episode 2 and episode 4, but the former was solved a few days later. The latter, however, is now on its fifth iteration and Angry Joe has had enough.

After several edits of captured footage from the episode with Angry Joe claiming he has removed the voices, flipped the video horizontally and vertically, shortened it, and even added filters, CBS still did a manual copyright claim against the particular video review.

Angry Joe has included a short message in the beginning of the latest version of the video review and started to appeal to the CBS employee to please stop what they were doing. “What you are doing is wrong and I will fight you til the end,” says Angry Joe in the intro. “You will be opening up court proceedings.”

It seems the YouTuber is serious in taking this to court if CBS still continues to copyright claim their videos. Angry Joe even explains how he has edited the video review since it is protected under Fair Use policy. He says he will not allow CBS to push other YouTube channels and theirs around and is planning to take action if things get worse.

CBS, on the other hand, has not made any statement in regards to this situation.

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