Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct Shares Details on Final Free Update

A lot of new things to enjoy.

Fresh from the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct, we are getting a whole lot of things with the version 2.0 update which will be the last free update for the game and it is set for release on November 5.

  • The Roost, a cafe owned by Brewster where you can enjoy a cup of joe. You can invite other characters by using the amiibo figures and cards and they might bring some extra company.
  • Kapp’n, who will be lounging around your island’s pier. He can take you on a tour and he’ll even sing for you on the boat. He’ll take you to some mysterious islands with different seasons, times of days, or some odd plants.
  • Harv’s Island which is undergoing changes since he wants to make a plaza with a lot of shops. You can contribute bells in order to open new shops. Cyrus can customize furniture for you that you cant do on your own. Katrina will reveal your fortune for the day. Harriet can give you new a hairstyle and there will be a total of 11 hairstyles that are going to be added to the game.
  • Now there’s a new activity you can do called “group stretching” in the plaza that you can join in with your joycons. You can do this on your own or on your friend’s island.
  • Now you can enact ordinances like making the island residents wake up early. Pick the one that best fits your ideal island lifestyle.
  • New home-exterior options are available.
  • Storage expansion now expanded from 2400 to 5000.
  • New redeemable items added with Nook Miles.
  • Cooking with new DIY recipes.
  • With a pro decorating license needed for lighting and ceiling decor can now be added to each room, accent walls now available as well to have more patterns.
  • The max number of bridges and inclines in your island increased from 8-10.
  • New fences have been added and somecan be customized like the color.
  • Camera app in NookPhone is getting updated. A handheld camera mode is added and a tripod so you can join the picture.
  • Custom design patterns that were previously used for designing items can now be added to clothes, flooring, and wallpaper.
  • 11 new reactions like waving goodbye, stretching, and much more.
  • New NookPhone app – island 101 for tips
  • New furniture can be acquired by redeeming Nook Miles
  • Storage shed that can be placed almost anywhere in the island and it connects to your home storage.
  • ABD where you can deposit and withdraw bells.
  • K.K. slider now has 12 more songs for you to hear and you can even enjoy them from the new music box furniture item.
  • Now you can find gyroid undergrounds and you can plant and water them for them to grow overnyt.
  • Gyroids can make some interesting sounds so mix and match them and u can also customize them.
  • Nooks Cranny will have new furniture types available like ceiling decor and furniture that has never beenseen before.
  • Now you can permanently place ladders on cliffs with a ladder setup kit which can be purchased from Nooks Cranny.
  • Now you can navigate through narrow spaces if your room has some very close furnitures.
  • Residents may now invite you over to their home or give you a surprise visit in yours.

Now that was certainly a lot but that only covers the free stuff, there’s also the news of the new paid DLC and boy is it also a mouthful.