Another Country Approves Microsoft Activision Blizzard Deal

More countries approve of the deal.

It has been reported that another country has approved the Microsoft Activision Blizzard deal.

Various countries have recently approved the controversial Microsoft Activision Blizzard proposed acquisition. While the US and UK continue to block the deal to push through, more and more countries have started to approve it. Now, a new country has joined in.

South Africa Approves Microsoft Activision Blizzard Deal

The new report claims that the Competition Tribunal of South Africa has now approved the deal. The organization stated it has “unconditionally approved” the deal. The Tribunal’s reasons for its decision will be issued in due time.

Nearly 40 Regulators Approve

After confirmation from South Africa, the proposed acquisition has now received approval from nearly 40 global regulators. The European Commission and China’s Competition Regulator cleared the deal in May 2023.

US and UK Stand in the Way

Since the UK has blocked the deal, Microsoft is actively trying to appeal the decision. The company describes the current decision “bad for Britain”. The US FTC has also sued Microsoft to block the deal and their reason is over antitrust concerns.

Big Courtroom Battle Recently

On the fifth and last day of the courtroom battle between Microsoft and FTC, it seems to be looking bad for the latter as it failed to explain how Microsoft’s acquisition plan would harm the consumers. The judge has concluded the day and promises to deliver the final decision later on.

Sony, US FTC, and UK’s attempts to block the big deal seem to be failing and it is obvious that Microsoft is winning. The latter need to be careful though, one wrong move and this acquisition could go wrong.

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