Apex Legends Huge Leak Includes Nine Upcoming Characters, Divided Moon Map, Heirlooms and Weapons

A huge leak just got uploaded overnight!

A huge Apex Legends leak was recently released and includes tons of information involving the nine future Legends, new weapon skins, new map, and many more.

The leak comes from the subreddit R/ApexUncovered, which is dedicated to many leaks and datamines of the popular battle royale game Apex Legends. The files came in a folder that featured tons of leaked information about the future content it will add to the game. While the original source has been taken down, the contents have been copied and archived for others to download again.

Apex Legends Leak Nine Future Characters

Several interesting details were mentioned by the leaker and one of those that got revealed were the upcoming nine new characters. These are the supposed-to-be upcoming new characters:


Type: Support

Passive: Capacitance

Tactical: Arc Flash

Ultimate: Alternating Current


Type: Recon

Passive: Spectator

Tactical: Optic-Haunt

Ultimate: Shadow Wall


Type: Support

Passive: Weapon Sling

Tactical: Suppressor Turret

Ultimate: Auto Loader


Type: Defensive

Passive: Rewire

Tactical: Spectre Drop

Ultimate: Cloak Field


Type: Support

Passive: Double Jump

Tactical: Hook Shot

Ultimate: Void Grenade


Type: Defensive

Passive: Reinforce

Tactical: Ferro Shot

Ultimate: Iron Tower


Type: Recon

Passive: Sniper Kit

Tactical: Echo Launch

Ultimate: Mark to Kill


Type: Defensive

Passive: Network Communion

Tactical: Shield Satellite

Ultimate: Immortality Relay Beacon


Type: Defensive

Passive: Retrieve the Wounded

Tactical: Mobile Shield

Ultimate: Castle Wall

Out of the nine new Legends, only Newcastle has a unique character model, which means he could be the next Legend to be added to the roster. The other characters are still in dummy models though.

Apex Legends Legend and Weapons Skins

The leak revealed several new Legend and weapons skins. The Legend skins looks futuristic with a color scheme of gold. Check out the skins of both Legends and weapons below:

Legend Skins:

Weapon Skins:

Also Check out Bangalore’s Prestige Skin from Level 1-3:

Apex Legends New Map Divided Moon, New Updates for King’s Canyon, New Game Modes

The leak also reveals the new map called Divided Moon, which is currently in the early mid-stages of its development. The leaked video of the map shows the map’s bare look with pale colors, but it looks to be a whole different one compared to the default maps.

There is an update for King’s Canyon, according to the leak. Skull Town will be making a return, the cage will be changed, and the chokepoints will be improved.

There are several game modes planned in the future and one of those is similar to Capture the Flag. It will have its own unique maps as well.

The Firing Range will be changed with the following:

◉ Activate dummies with the push of a button.

◉ Infinite ammo.

◉ Hit indicators of/on.

◉ Change target speed.

◉ Change the shield level of dummies.

Storm Point will have some slight changes like the mill getting completely reworked, and the norther and eastern sides getting some new buildings.

Apex Legends Upcoming Weapons

The leak revealed upcoming weapons and they look fun to use. Check out the details below:

Upcoming Weapons:

⊛ Nemesis (Energy and Assault) looks next as it has an in-game model the rest do not.

Based on the video:

⊛ Scorpion (Bow),

⊛ Maelstrom (Light and LMG),

⊛ Fanatic (Energy and Akimbo? Pistol),

⊛ Gemini (Energy and SMG)

Bangalore Lore Detailed

The leak showed the lore of character Bangalore and also the relationship between Loba and Bangalore. Check the video here.

Valkyrie and Crypto Heirlooms

Valkyrie and Crypto Heirlooms were leaked as well. Videos for the former and the latter can be viewed from the links.

No official confirmation yet from Respawn Entertainment, but we should be getting an announcement soon. Thanks to Flying Hippies Gaming for the videos!

Apex Legends is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.