Interlocking Competition Hymnoi Wisdom officially announced – Arknights EN Event

Arknights EN's next major event has now been confirmed.

arknights interlocking competition

A recent post in Arknight EN’s FB and Twitter pages confirms that the server’s next big event is the Interlocking Competition Hymnoi Wisdom event.

This event will soon be live on December 29, 2021, 10:00 AM (UTC-7) and will be introducing a new set of mechanics and gameplay within the event proper.

Since the EN server is roughly six months behind the CN server, players already had a glimpse of what to expect on the event with the help of some content creators who have active CN accounts.

What to expect on the Interlocking Competition?

The main challenge of the event comes from pre-planning teams to deploy per stage, as operators that have been garrisoned in one of the stages can no longer be used on the other stages. Which was why this post that hinted the next event last week reminded doctors to upgrade their operators and to get prepared.

Because of how the garrison mechanic will spread out an average doctor’s top operators on different stages, this will encourage players to invest on their lower tiered operators to fill in the missing roles. The good thing about Arknights’ operators is that well-invested ones can still hold their ground and bring a doctor to victory so long as proper positioning, timing of deployment and withdrawal, as well as skill activations are done.

Along with this event, a new operator will be introduced. Pallas is a 6* guard who also has support capabilities such as empowering fellow Minos operators deployed on the field, and healing the operator who is directly in front of her.

New skins will also be available for a limited time. The free skin is for Podenco, while the other premium skins are for Perfumer, Tsukinogi, and Beeswax, which can be bought using originium prime.

There will also be a re-run of the Coral Coast skins for Nearl and Rope.

Finally, doctors who manage to complete a specific objective can expect another medal to add to their collection.

‘Tis once again an upcoming event without a dead week. Can your sanity still handle it, doctor?