Armed and Gelatinous Kickstarter Release

Three Flip Studios, the company behind the crowdfunded indie Language Learning Game, Influent, has released a kickstarter for a new project titled Armed and Gelatinous.

Armed and Gelatinous pits you against your friends in fast-paced couch-competitive multi-player action! Control one of four gelatinous blobs in the far reaches of space, picking up weapon-filled crates jettisoned from a stricken transport vessel from planet Earth originally destined for the sun. The more weapons absorbed, the bigger (and slower) each blob’s gelatinous body becomes! Rounds can be customized by changing the game mode to either stock, timed, or deathmatch as well as selecting specific weapons and items for the match!

Armed & Gelatinous was first developed as part of the (Fab) 48 Hour Game Making Challenge 2013, hosted by the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. Thirty teams of six developers were given two days and three words to work with: Growth, Arms, and Sticky. After Armed & Gelatinous took the win, the original team scattered and went onto work on a variety of other projects, shelving the prototype. Fearing the game would be forgotten forever, one of the members revived it and has since adopted it as a new project under his new indie development company, Three Flip Studios. With the support of crowd funding website Kickstarter, Armed and Gelatinous is well on its way to a commercial release this year.

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