Armored Core 6 Becomes FromSoftware’s Second-Biggest PC Launch

It's just the player count of the opening weekend. Who knows what will happen in the near future.

It has been revealed that Armored Core 6 has now surpassed almost all FromSoftware games on PC gaining a significant milestone.

According to the Steam Database, Armored Core 6 has gained 156,171 concurrent players in its opening weekend alone. While these numbers are quite high for its opening weekend, it did not surpass the number 1 game of FromSoftware on the PC side: Elden Ring. It did surpass all of the other Souls games like Dark Souls, and Sekiro.

For Sekiro on PC, it gained 125,315 player count on its opening week. Dark Souls 3 had 129,975 player count when it launched. Armored Core 6 had a higher player count by a long margin compared to the other two and many are speculating this success was due to the predecessor FromSoftware game which was a massive success: Elden Ring.

Elden Ring is currently the sixth most popular title on Steam of all time based on its concurrent player count. At its peak numbers, it had 953,426 on Steam so it is no wonder that the number 1 FromSoftware game to launch on the platform.

Armored Core 6 is already garnering a lot of positive reviews from critics and major gaming review sites so it will no doubt at least gain almost the same numbers as Elden Ring in the future.

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