Atlas Fallen Gameplay Presentation Showcases Fast-Paced Action Combat

Slide, glide, on sand and jump into the action.

Focus Entertainment and Deck13 shared a new Atlas Fallen gameplay presentation that showcases a lot of fast-paced action combat.

The video itself showcases the fast-paced action gameplay of Atlas Fallen. There is sand everywhere and players can “surf” on it to traverse the land at their own pace. This also involves combat with the touch of magic and weapon combat to add to the mix. All in all, this game is for players who are fans of gameplay that involves quick reflexes, hardcore action, and real-time combat.

Several developers and creatives were present in the video too. They were sharing their experience in developing this game, revealing some interesting and beautiful concept art and footage, telling the fun, exciting and inspiring adventure that led to Atlas Fallen. Over the years, the innovative people at Deck13, a small but talented dev team based in Frankfurt, Germany, have consistently sought to enhance the RPG experiences they offer, exploring new ideas, and all within their on-house engine, Fledge.

Players will be able to explore the fascinating world of Atlas and battle its extraordinary beasts soon. Atlas Fallen launches on August 10, 2023 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Press Release