Last Teaser of Possible Batman Game Unlocked Revealing Teaser Video

Batman Court of Owls

The last teaser of the website has been unlocked and we just got duped with another mystery.

The fourth teaser asks the viewer to enter the last three codes in order to unlock the next clue. You can try to figure out the clue here:

Long story short, the code is 995. Enter that on the mystery website’s text box and press the enter button beside it. It will then verify the codes and finally unlock the next part, which you can see the image above. It reveals a small clip that shows the map assembled and being wonky. By the end of the ridiculously short clip, it has a 24 hour countdown timer. Supposedly that would lead to another reveal I guess.

Before you go, check out the Twitter post again. There is clearly an image of an owl in the center of a dial. It is definitely hinting The Court of the Owls being involved, which was clear already weeks ago. So, let us wait for the final big reveal (?) after 24 hours. Same Bat time, same Sirus Gaming website.

Check out the short clip here:

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