BBC Started Airing eSports — and Old People Aren’t Too Happy

BBC Three announced that they will begin to broadcast eSports and thus starting with a six-week air of Gfinity’s Elite Series. The company begins to show Street Fighter V, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Rocket League matches at weekends.

It seems that old folks who watches BBC’s channel had negative reactions about the new segment of the show. Some of which said that it’s a “pretend game for people who can’t make friends in real-life”. It’s actually harsh and rude when players have fully committed their time and training to become the best in their game. But by the looks of it, older people still don’t get what this new generation of sport is.

Instead of understanding the whole concept of this new generation sport in video-games, they instead belittle and look down on those who do it.

We can’t force them to understand our pastime, but these e-Sports players are earning even as big as these people are probably earning.

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