BioShock 4 Report Claims Game Development in Trouble

The studio behind the game is having some troubles, leakers claim.

A leaker revealed that the development for the upcoming video game BioShock 4 is having problems internally.

Developer Cloud Chamber and publisher 2K Games have not been sharing any updates on their upcoming video game sequel BioShock 4. Still, it seems there has been some information seeping out via leakers. According to these individuals, the game is now in development hell and the development is in trouble.

One source claims that the narrative team, led by former Far Cry 5 writer Liz Albl, has been doing multiple rewrites for the script. The game is going to be delayed, allegedly, because the studio is facing various struggles. It even says that the game has been rebooted for the fourth time last year.

Another source states that there are issues with management, the team is uncertain about its financial success, and many more issues. The leaker claims that for BioShock 4 to move forward in development, the studio would need to solve these problems first.

Worst of it all is the possibility of not launching sometime in 2025, initially planned by the studio behind the development. If 2K Games and Cloud Chamber do not announce this game initially this year, the initial plan will be in shambles.

BioShock 4 is currently in development.