Image of Black and Red PlayStation 5 Emerges on Internet

PlayStation 5

A recent post on a popular forum revealed an image showing a different kind of color scheme for upcoming next-generation console PlayStation 5.

According to the poster on popular forum Resetera, the image was taken from a promo picture that he got from work. It did not show which retail store it was from, but it did show several gadgets like a flat screen LED TV, a DSLR camera and in the middle was the next-gen PS5. While some people would dismiss this right away since everyone knows what the console looks like right now, this one is different.

The PS5 console shown had a different color scheme. It had a dominant black color with red LED lights instead of the regular blue. This also includes the DualSense control with the same color scheme as well.

Again, the name of the retail store is nowhere to be found, but we cannot dismiss this as a concept art as well. Unless someone produces the same promotional picture with the whole image with this, for now everyone should just take this with a grain of salt.

Source: Resetera